Samsung Z2 Got New Software Update, Improves Overall Performance

Today, Samsung Z2 has gotten one new software update in its lineup. The new software update will improve overall quality of the device by fixing some bugs which causes slow performance on it. The update is basically targets on overall quality of Samsung Z2, but many users are saying they are noticing some improvements in the usage of pre-built apps. There were many bugs in some apps which suppose to fixed in last updates, but there are still some corners where users are facing some problems.

Many apps are till taking longer time than usual to open. And some apps are still going into force close mode when opening them, like the new update of UC Browser which crashes many times. Now we can hope new update will fix those all issues. Like previous some software updates Samsung Z2 will get three features.

The new Tizen update has three new features which will improve quality of Tizen.

New Tizen Update

1. Device Stability improvements, bug fixes.

2. New and / or enhanced features.

3. Further improvements to performance

The Samsung Z2 users can download this new update from the smartphone. To do that go to Settings – About Device – Check for updates. Users can also install this update by using Samsung Kies software from the computer. It is still unclear when new Tizen 3.0 update is coming to existing smartphones. Till then you can use your devices using these small changes. The Samsung Z2 has been on the top of the list to get upcoming Tizen 3.0 version which may launch in next 2-3 months and later it would get Tizen 4.0 firmware update in September 2017.