Samsung Z2 Officially Launched In South Africa

After India now second generation Tizen smartphone Samsung Z2 entered into the African continent. Samsung officially launched Samsung Z2 In South Africa, the first country in Africa to get Tizen based smartphone. Also it became first country outside Asia to get Tizen smartphone. Last month on August 29 Samsung Z2 was landed in India with the price of Rs. 4,590. According to the sources Z2 is getting huge response in India due to its low price and many exciting offers from Samsung and new telecom operator Reliance Jio. Many sources were baiting on Kenya which might be first country to get this device, but Samsung decided to go with South Africa.

Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa said,

We are delighted to be able to bring Samsung’s much-awaited Z2 handset to the South African market; providing an affordable handset that has a range of fantastic attributes, not the least of which is its 4G capability. This alone puts it in the company of some of the best smartphones available today.

Samsung Z2 is the first 4G LTE supported smartphone in Tizen platform. Also it comes in budget price so many customers who want one basic 4G supported phone are choosing it. It has 3.97″ screen with tough display protection. There is 5 Megapixel real camera for photo shoot and VGA front camera to get selfies.

Samsung Z2

It comes with 1.5GHz quad-core Speedtrum processor with 1GB of RAM. To get most out of its features there is 1500mAh battery power. It runs on Tizen version and has My Money Transfer app for personal banking use. Internal memory is 8GB and it’s expandable with external memory card.

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In the special features it has Ultra Data Saving Mode, Ultra Power Saving Mode and S Bike mode features. In the South Africa Samsung Z2 goes on sale for R1099 ($79) and off contract from Vodacom for R79 ($6) per month. In the country it is now listed as one of the cheapest 4G smartphone.