Samsung Z3 Review: Best Tizen Phone

Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in world always try their best to stay on number one position. Every year we saw lots of smartphones and tablets are released by company in every segment for every users. In the recent years they launched many flagship phones in every category. Before 5 years their Bada series phones were very popular into the market but after the rising of Android and iOS they shut down their own operating system.

Later that they signed with Google to create phones with Android operating system. This decision of Samsung became successful for them because with the Android they sold millions of phone and became number one smartphone maker in world. With the Android they launched some best devices in the market like Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 device which are doing best business in the market.

Samsung also tried to make Windows Phone with their hardware but due to some reason the stopped to make Windows devices. This year they hadn’t made any smartphone in Windows category but instead of that they concentrated on their own new Tizen operating system.

After the long patience they finally launched first device of Tizen OS this year. They already launched Samsung Z1 smartphone in the market which is first Tizen based device and now to continue their own operating system, company launched next generation Samsung Z3 smartphone. First Z1 was quiet successful into the market, specially in India where first generation device sold over 1 million devices. Now Z3 has better specs than previous one so they expected more from it. Now here I decided to review Samsung Z3 smartphone with its all specs.


Samsung Z3 Review:

First generation Z1 device was launched with basic feature for low end users but this time company wanted to do more with their own operating system. This time they upgraded many things in the gadget to make it best phone for new user. First think which changes is that its new look. The Z1 was not so attractive in design but this time they cared this area and gave it new premium look. You can see new premium metal body like Galaxy S6 and Note 5 and by using it you will feel like you are using flagship phone. The screen is 5″ with the 1280×720 display which counts 294ppi pixel density and it is far better than its predecessor. It uses Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with scratch resistance glass.

It powered with quad-core 1.3GHz Spreadtrum processor which is new technology chipset. There is not any other news and specs about this new chipset but according to Samsung it can work better with new operating system. There is no information about its graphics power and which card they are using on it. The RAM is 1GB and it works fine in every tasks. It is new OS so it has basic features and it can load in every functions so you can use it without any delay.

It has 8GB internal storage but in the todays HD world everyone wants to save all their HD content in their phones. Thanks to Samsung strategy that they bring 128GB external memory support where you can store your all HD content. You can also use online storage account to store your all personal data. For the photographers it has 8MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera. It is mid range smartphone so it has minimum megapixel camera but 8MP also good to take some awesome pictures and with the 2MP camera you can take selfies. On the camera they provides LED Flash, geo-tagging and face detection features and also you can take video recording with primary camera.

It is all about its Tizen operating system, now it is version 2.4 and it is very stable than previous version. Like iOS or Android it doesn’t have many options but you will get all useful features which you need in daily usage. The Android, Windows Phone and iOS OS are now very mature in market so it is unfair to compare them with new Tizen OS. Samsung is a big company so it is better to give them time to prove themselves as a software company. Like a Play Store and iOS App Store it also has its own App Store so you can download all useful apps and games from it.

The only caring part on the device is its Tizen Store which has very few apps and games and it could be its major drawback in the field. In the Tizen Store we seen very few useful apps and time killing games to bind users with Tizen. Sure it is new in the market, but I don’t think all users care about it, they just want their everyday apps on their phone, no matter what company bring to them.


Till now in the premium apps there are only VLC Media Player, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Opera Mini Web Browser launchrd from their official developers. For the other apps there are new tool in the store and that is ACL mediator by using it you can use most Android apps on the Samsung Z3. We need to give it some time to prove it in competitive market so it can prove itself and serve better services to their customers.

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The Samsung Z3 smartphone has 2600mAh battery and it is enough to stay awake your device in heavy use. Compare to other flagship phone you don’t need to compromise with its battery because it is better than Android smartphones power. It is available in Gold, Silver and Black colors and it is 3G phone to use Internet. If you want one mid range smartphone but you don’t want Android phone or Windows phone then you can buy it.

It has everything which you need and Samsung promised that in the new version of Tizen they will add more features. With the time it will become more mature so we need to watch on Samsung’s new Tizen strategy. Tell us your opinion about this phone and our Samsung Z3 Review in comment box.