Samsung Z4 With Tizen 3.0 Now Available On Amazon

The Samsung Z4 Smartphone is now listed on Amazon India website with the price of offline store. The second largest online retailer in India, is now selling fourth generation Tizen device Samsung Z4 from its site. The price for Samsung Z4 is Rs. 5,790 on website, same as what offline retailers and Samsung stores are offering to customers in country. Samsung Z4 was launched on May 19 in India. Initially, it was only available from offline stores and Samsung stores. Now with the release on Amazon broke that barrier to reach to more customers.

This device now goes on sale in Indian market and Samsung is planning to sell it in more markets. It is listed on Samsung’s official website for South Africa, the second major market for Tizen smartphones. It may come soon to South Africa in this month. The price and availability is still unknown but we sure Samsung will launch it somewhere in this month.

Samsung Z4 Smartphone

There are chances that this device will enter into the South American market and Brazil might be the first country to get it. The little one and its predecessor phone Samsung Z2 are also suppose to launch into the Brazil in coming months. The new features on the device makes it best feature phone into the market. Samsung Z4 carries flash light selfie camera with 5MP lenses on front side and same camera on back side.

The other main features are 4.5-inch 2.5D display with 480×800 pixel resolution screen. There is 1.5GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM. The chipset is 64-bit which will help to do better tasking. Comes with 8GB of internal memory and supports upto 128GB external storage. The fastest 4G LTE network is here and Tizen 3.0 version has everything to use.