Samsung Z5 Might Be Next Tizen Smartphone

As many sources had suggested that this year Samsung would come with high end Tizen smartphone. Well this news could be true because in the mid range category they have Samsung Z3 smartphone, the better and much faster device than its first generation predecessor. Many trusted gurus has been mentioning that the next Tizen phone will be Samsung Z4, because as the series suggest next number is Z4. But this number could be wrong and Samsung might go with even bigger number, the Samsung Z5. If I am not wrong then Z3 has same features of Samsung Galaxy S3 model and from the hint it seems the Z5 will have same features as Samsung Galaxy S5, the brand phone of 2014.

In many ways it looks like company might go with Z5 to achieve their high end smartphone dream in 2016. The source for Tizen phones claimed that the next generation Tizen smartphone with the model number SM- Z510FD had entered into India for the testing which clearly shows they are going to launch Samsung Z5. That means we are near to see next Tizen smartphone device.

Now the news got even more trust from the new image which clearly shows the new look of Z5. Some rumors suggest that the next device Samsung Z4/Z5 might comes with 5.1″ screen with 1080p display which is better from 720p of Z3, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and or Exynos chipset, Tizen 2.4 version, 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera, bigger battery and sufficient storage space.


Well it could be too early to confirm this news or deny it. In the every way it will good news for Tizen users that they will get even stronger device. In the 2015 Samsung only sold 3 Million Tizen smartphones and after the launch of next device the  Tizen market shares could increase. There is also possibility that from the launch date it should enter into US and European market which still waiting for Samsung Z3. What you think friends, whether they launch Samsung Z4 or Z5 smartphone? Tell us your opinion in comment box below.