Samsung Z5 Probably Launch With Tizen 3.0 In September

Now there are thousands of Tizen fans are waiting for next Tizen smartphone which would be more powerful and rich in apps and games. That next Tizen smartphone might be Samsung Z5 according to the latest rumors and some leaked images. Users wants this new high end Tizen device, because current Samsung Z3 is not that much capable to handle high quality games, it is better to handle average tasks. This is not enough for customers, they now want one real competitor of Tizen and that’s why we bait on Z5.

The latest news for Samsung Z5 shows that we probably see next Tizen device in September. We can bait on this news because the Tizen 3.0 Version is going live in same month, so there are lots of reasons that Samsung will launch Samsung Z5 with Tizen 3.0 update. If this happen then we will see major changes in Tizen world, first it is important due to its powerful hardware, second it would be first 4G phone in the Tizen. The new Tizen supports 64-bit ARM, so we might see first 64-bit smartphone in Tizen and that would be Z5. Samsung has large number of talent in their R&D and they could make this device with octa-core processor.


There are long list of next device’s specifications, in that main features would be 2GB RAM, 13MP primary camera and 8MP secondary camera for selfie users. Also the screen will be in 2K format and it coated with Corning Gorilla Glass technology. There is no official news from Samsung about next Tizen smartphone, but as per the various reports we might see it in next September.