Samsung’s ECG Function Get Approved, Launches in Q3 2020

Samsung has come much closer to launch Electrocardiogram (ECG) on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch. The company has received the most awaited clarification certificate from the South Korean authority that opens the door to release the ECG feature. The ECG function is the main part of Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Samsung, in its promotion, hailed it as an essential one. Though it never received any approval, the function never came to life. South Korea’s Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) has now approved it, opened its way for the service, at least in South Korea, for now.

Now, when Samsung is an inch closer to launch Galaxy Watch 2 or Galaxy Watch Active 3 smartwatch, the service will release on Active 2 and the upcoming wearables. The other feature Blood Pressure measurement has also got approved and scheduled to dispatch in Q3 2020. To use both ECG & Blood Pressure, users have to download & install the Samsung Health Monitor app and fill up the necessary details. To check your health, wear the watch tightly on your wrist and put the finger on the top button for 30 seconds.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG

The ECG service is capable of measuring heart rate and rhythm, which has classified in AFib, when the heart beats irregularly and the Sinus rhythm when the heart beats normal. The ECG function is available on Apple Watch Series 4 since 2018, and the new Oppo Watch, Withings, and Apple Watch Series 5 also get it in the first place. In the third quarter, Galaxy Watch Active 2 can also detect irregular heart rates along with the upcoming Active3 smartwatch.


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