Samsung’s Hand Wash app Launched in Play Store for Galaxy Watch 4

The official Samsung Hand Wash app is now available to download in Play Store for the new Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic. The app is already available for the Tizen OS-powered watches, which is quite accurate in doing its job. After installing it on our Galaxy Watch 4, I find its auto-detection function is accurate to know when I am washing my hands. Of course, it excludes if you are faking the washing your hands, thanks to its advanced sensor & the microphone on the smartwatch.

The app recommends you wash your hands regularly throughout the day with the soap or recommended sanitizer. It will count your activity for 20 seconds, which doctors advise us to do. You can also see the history of your handwashing activity of previous days or weeks.

Hand Wash app on Galaxy Watch 4

As we used the Hand Wash app on the Galaxy Watch 4, the hand wash reminder feature is still missing in the app. The missing feature shows on the app listing in the Play Store, so it will come in a future app update.

Hand Wash app on Galaxy Watch 4

In the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, many health advisers or doctors recommended taking care of our hygiene. In that, the basic thing to do is washing your hands properly at regular intervals. With the help of technology, most of the smartwatch companies launched their official Hand Wash reminder apps. It includes Apple, Google, Garmin & Samsung comes with the apps for their respective watches.

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