Save Live Videos In New Instagram App Update

The new Instagram update is allows users to save live videos from the app. The Update has rolled out by company and now it available on Android and iOS platform at this moment. It will come soon to the Tizen platform on coming days. In the new Instagram version customers can save live videos once broadcasting is over. The app will provide you save button over the video, and as soon as video is finished broadcasting video will be saved on the phone memory. This new update version is 10.12 and released to make it stable.

Instagram officially launched by Facebook developers, each and every features provided by developers are present on Tizen app that they have introduced on other platforms. Not like Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger apps which are missing some features on Tizen version. Before uploading your images you can filter them with the many options.

New Instagram Update

Edit them or change the background colors, write some text on the images or change their shapes, you can tweak your images in many ways. It just many creative tools to make pictures as you like. To make your photos popular in between other celebrities give them unique hash tags so your followers will find them. It uses world class encrypted technology to put images secure in their servers. Also you have authority to post images private or public.

This is the unique feature for Instagram users, till now they are the only one who have this feature. It is still not available on other sharing apps, not even on their own. The Instagram is famous photo sharing app and two years before Facebook has released it on Tizen smartphones with the all original features. To update this new Instagram update version you have to wait some more days. The others who don’t have downloaded Instagram on their phones can get it from the Tizen Store.

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