School Of Driving Game On Samsung Tizen Phones

The new School of Driving game will teach new gamers how to drive expensive cars and become master on road. The new game is available in Tizen Store for all Samsung Tizen phones. The gamers with good driving skills can play it to make new scores. The game is simple and playable by any players. Just start your car, follow some instructions and there you are, you will reach to your point. The more coins you collect, highly chances are there to unlock new cars. Yes, there are different models of cars to choose and drive on the road without any restrictions. To unlock favorite car from the garage you must earn enough money from your current levels, thereafter you can get it.

The first level is for beginners, where it will teach how to drive your car. It will give some easy targets and when you reach to the point without any damage you will get the rewards. Total 4 modes are in game, Career, Checkpoint, Drift or Stunt. The Career mode is easy to start and Stunt mode is hard to finish. Every mode has its own benefits as per the gamers skills & experience. For example if you are new gamer then you must start with Career mode. Here you will get easy tasks to do and your car will be safe. The risk in this mode is low so you will earn less rewards.

School of Driving

The first mode is like learning mode. Here you have to follow some basic instructions like drive on the yellow line, don’t turn on red light, use side arrows on perfect time etc. In the Checkpoint mode you must do whatever task it has given. In the Checkpoint mode collect marks and return to the starting point in minimum time. You will get points on your speed, the early you come the more you will earn. In the Stunt mode the gamer must perform different kind of stunts with his cars. You will know these stunts when you play it on your Samsung Tizen Smartphones.

The School of Driving game is available in Tizen Store & you can play it on Samsung Z4, Z3, Z2 & Z1 smartphones. The other games related to School of Driving are Hill Driver, Bike Racing, Kids Car Racing & famous Hill Climb Racing. These all games are highly rated on Samsung Tizen phones. The best graphics, super stunts, catchy gameplay are good parts of the game. Go to Tizen Store and download it on your Tizen smartphone. Have any difficulty with the game then you can ask me for help.