How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

Since the second-generation Gear S2 launched, Samsung has given the power to users to take screenshots on their watch. With time, the company has improved this function a little bit and stabilizes it. There was a time when you take a screenshot of the Galaxy Watch family, then it saves it in the square image. Later, Samsung has changed it and made it circular, which looks like it is a watch display. It is still continued, and Galaxy Watch 3 captures images in circles. Now, with time Samsung has one more option for the watch. It is the ability to capture scrolling screenshots on your Galaxy Watch 3, Active, Active 2, and the first generation Galaxy Watch.

The new scrolling capture function will help you to take a long screenshot, so you don’t miss any information. It is common on smartphones to take long screenshots and save them in the Gallary. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy A52 & all the other major devices support this feature. This time onward, you can use your Galaxy Watch to capture photos. In this little guide, I am going to tell you exactly how to take long screenshots on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Take Screenshots on Galaxy Watch 3

Screenshots on Galaxy Watch

1. Open Galaxy Wearable app

2. Go to Advanced

3. Activate Screen Capture function

4. On the smartwatch, select the screen to capture

5. Now, press the Home button, and at the same time on the main screen, swap your finger from right to left

6. After taking a screenshot, it will ask for scroll capture

7. Just tap on the scroll down on a sign, and take a whole screenshot

The taken screenshot will save in the Gallaxy of your smartwatch. You can easily send a taken image to the paired smartphone. To do that, go to Gallary, open the image, and choose the option Send to Phone. On your smartphone, it will create a new folder to store all the Galaxy Watch images.