Secure All Messages In New WhatsApp Update

After the launch of WhatsApp Messenger App on Tizen developers released some improved updates. The WhatsApp is the app which made entry into Tizen Store in the beginning of this new OS. The WhatsApp Messenger is the famous chatting service in world and most users uses it to chat with their friends. So there are chances that your all friends might be on WhatsApp. But this is not a good news for Tizeners, the news is that new WhatsApp update it got full security features for your personal chats. Now your all messages will be secure after the update and no one can track them.

The developers at WhatsApp Messenger said that the new security feature is now main part of Messenger and every users has right to secure their personal chats. They released end to end encryption so any other third parties can’t access it, also good part is even WhatsApp itself can’t read your messages without your permission.


This update rolled out by developers after the huge demand for security from users, so to make their privacy way better they made this solution. Developers already blocked some third party web links from messages as the part of their privacy and now not any third party programs can track users data to use them.

The update is rolled out for all the WhatsApp Messenger users across the globe which are using Samsung Z3 or Samsung Z1 devices. To install this new update go to Tizen Store and download it. You don’t have to do anything to activate security feature, after the update it will automatically come active and take care of all the remaining things. Also share this article with your friends so they also know about it.