Secure Tizen Smartphones With Free McAfee Antivirus App

We know that our Tizen platform is one of the most secure platform in world market. Tizen gives full security to their all devices including smartphones, Smartwatches and other IOT gadgets. It is much secure than its competitors Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Tizen also got award from Russia for its privacy and security feature. So with this full security, it is impossible to make hole into the Tizen and stole user’s information. Many platforms are suffering badly from security problems and we had seen many of such cases on Android devices.

It is not case with Tizen, well still not yet. But the Gurus always tell us that we must secure our private data with double protection. That’s why we thought to give you better option to save your personal data on your devices. How? 

Well, there is now one app which can give world class security to your all Tizen smartphones. The McAfee is the new app which will give full security to your mobile for free.


The app is landed in Tizen Store and it is trusted Antivirus app in the mobile world. It will save your Tizen smartphone from all malwares and threats and also give protection to your web browsing. Once you installed it, then online browsing or other activities will come under the security of this app, it will block phishing sites and browser exploits. It will protect from viruses which mainly attract on your emails, apps, SD card, SMS and media files. If app found new virus on the device then it will alert you in real time on your registered account.

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As per McAfee over 150 million users are taking their help to protect smartphones and other gadgets. Now it is available in Tizen Store for absolutely free of cost. You can use it on Samsung Z3 or Samsung Z1 for better protection from various kinds of viruses. The app is very easy to install and setup, just download it and start the app. There are many other Antivirus app in the store that you can use to. Tizen is most secure mobile operating system in the world right now, so you don’t have to worry about it. But still to make privacy to your device you can download McAfee Antivirus app from the Tizen Store.