How to Set Pairing Restrictions for Mi Band 3 & Band 4

Sometimes it is irritating when your Mi Band 3 & Band 4 connects with other apps. For the connectivity, Xiaomi has allowed many apps to pair the fitness tracker with third-party apps. The difficulty comes when it conflicts with its partnered Amazfit app. There is a Mi Fit app to match your Mi Band 3 or Band 4 and use all the features. But sometimes it gives problems when you have downloaded the Amazfit app to connect other Amazfit smartwatches or Xiaomi Mi Watches or trackers. Huami & Xiaomi work under one roof, so they share all the resources.

Then again, there is Notify & Fitness app for Mi Band, which you might need to pair. It unlocks many possibilities of features to use with Mi Band. You can use Alexa, voice assistant, and many other functions with Notify & fitness. Now in this situation, if you want to stay away from conflict and want to pair with only one app, then follow these steps. After this feature, your Mi Band 3 & Band 4 will lock with the Mi Fit app. Then without your permission, it doesn’t automatically connect with the Amazfit app. Here is the guide to set pairing restrictions for Mi Band 3 & Band 4.

How to set pairing restrictions with Mi Band

1. Open Mi Fit app on Android or iPhone

2. Tap on Profile & then your device

Mi Band 4 Tips

3. Scroll down and open Pairing restrictions

Mi Band 4 Tips

4. By default the option is Off. Tap on the toggle to turn it On

Mi Band 4 Tips

When you turn Pairing restrictions On, then after that, you can’t pair your Mi tracker with any other apps. Not even with the Amazfit app or Notify & Fitness for Mi Band app. In the future, to match the tracker with other apps, you have first to turn the option off, and then the tracker will be visible in third-party apps. For any other trouble, you can contact me with our official email ID or drop your words in the comment box below.