Sharing App SHAREit Now Available In Tizen Store

The largest sharing app SHAREit now available in Tizen Store for absolutely free. The SHAREit app is number one sharing app in world and now to give their world class services to Tizen users they exclusively launched it on Tizen OS. These days most users use their phones to share their personal data with their friends and family, so to share these files users get help by these sharing apps.

Before some years most users was using Bluetooth feature to send their files, songs or movies but that was very time consuming tasks, but after the rise of these kind of apps it became more easier to share our important files.

The SHAREit app will provide their all features to Tizen users which their Android and Windows users are using on their phones and that’s a great deal for customers. The best features of SHAREit app is that it doesn’t require internet connection, in the offline mode you can use it.

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Also you can share it with 5 different people at the same time with the 40x faster speed than traditional Bluetooth sharing. Users can share their large files without any problems and it doesn’t require same Wi-Fi connection, you can send it on different Wi-Fi connections.

SHAREit for Tizen

After the huge demand from Tizen community developers at SHAREit launched it on Tizen platform and we mean it, because Tizen is now one of the biggest operating system in world market and it is right time for developers to land their apps here.

If you are waiting for such kind of sharing app then SHAREit is the best option for you, so now go into the Tizen Store and install it on your Tizen Phones.

Now in the new update SHAREit supports both new Samsung Tizen handsets. It is even faster, better and secure to send your contents or recieve them.

The other rival player Xender too have its own official Xender app in Tizen Store. The main difference between these two are SHAREit comes with ACL for Tizen tool and Xender released freely by native team. It is depend on you to choose, which best suits your need.