Shoot Criminals & Zombies In Police Sniper Game

The new action game Police Sniper: Snipping & Driving in Gangster City is launched in Tizen Store for the all Tizen smartphones. It is the third person shooter game with highly killer strategies. Play as a police who get contract to kill criminals, gangsters & deadly zombies. Yes, it has zombies too. The city has comes under drug mafia & after taking too much drugs, humans are turned into zombies. The city comes to an end and only you can save it from the thread. Government has chosen you to take down all those criminals & zombies at any cost.

When sun goes down criminals hides but zombies come out. Shoot them and earn rewards. And in a day kill gangsters and avoid more losses. You have sniper rifle & vehicle to target & shoot. It is powerful weapon that can take down anyone. You must know what you are doing and what is your next target.

The Police Sniper game is same as Contract Killer, Modern Counter Attack and in some way Modern Combat 5. It rolled out on all Tizen smartphones. It would be better if you play it on Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4. The more about Police Sniper: Snipping & Driving in Gangster City is in below description.

Police Sniper

Official description:

With Police Sniper you get to take down some of the city’s worst criminals. You also get to run over zombies in your car!

Police Sniper is exactly what the name says. 

You will be paid to sniper and kill as many criminals as you can!
You will be paid to sniper and kill as many zombies as you can!
You will be paid to run over and kill as many zombies as you can!

There has been a new drug to hit the streets and it popularity is skyrocketing. However there is a side effect to this new drug. It turns people into zombies! 

The city’s mayor wants to take care of this problem as quietly as possible. 

He has hired you to take back his city from the criminals and zombies. 

During the day you will need to shoot the criminals that are terrorizing the city. You will be provided with a sniper rifle to start your missions. With the sniper rifle you will be able to save hundreds of the city’s citizens. For each criminal you kill the mayor will pay you a generous reward. Not only will you be hunting the criminals, the criminals will be hunting you! You need to be alert and know your surroundings. There are criminals with sniper rifles looking for you. Kill or be killed!

At night things get worse….

When the sun goes down the criminals go into hiding and the zombies come out. 

During the night you will need to run support missions to help get supplies back to the city. You will be provided a car to drive down the street to hit and kill as many zombies as possible. For each zombie that you run over with your car you will be paid by the mayor. Once you reach your destination you will need to use your sniper rifle to shoot and kill the zombies that are not letting the supplies get back to the city. 

You need to quietly kill as many criminals and zombies as you can! 

Are you ready to take back the city? Are you up to the challenge?

With Police Sniper you get 

-Unbelievable Realistic 3D graphics
-HUNDREDS of exciting and action packed levels
-Tons of Sniper Rifles to shoot criminals and zombies
-A wide variety of cars to run over and kill zombies
-ADDICTING game play
-Even more ADDICTING gameplay with arcade style driving levels
-Easy Controls

Just so you know 

This is not some random average sniper game. This is an exciting and action packed sniper game. You have to find the criminals in the crowd and shoot only the right ones at the right time! You have to be tactical and strategic in who you shoot with your sniper rifle.

So download Police Sniper today and start getting paid to take back the city!

You can play Police Sniper on your phone or tablet.