Snoring & Noise detection Rolling Out for Fitbit Sense & Versa 3

At the launching of Fitbit Charge 5 & Daily Readiness Score, Fitbit announces snore & noise detection functions. Those premium functions are now rolling out for Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 smartwatches. These are the last year’s premium watches and the company wants to give them a little boost with the essential health-related functions. Snore & noise detection functions have come with price plans, and you have to buy a monthly price plan.

The functions have been spotted in the Sleep section of the Fitbit App. It hasn’t rolled out for everyone, so you might not get this at this moment. In the Sleep tab, click on Learn More option, and here, you can see the “Check for Snoring” card. Finally, two metrics snore & noise have launched here. It checks for noise intensity or how loud your snore is, and the second, it looks for snoring events. It uses a microphone on the Sense & Versa 3 to collect the information while you sleep.

Snore & Noise Detection on Fitbit Sense

As per Fitbit, it can also collect snoring data of your partner in the same room. It means, in the morning you can check which person was snoring at night. It recommends charging your battery for at least 40% before going to bed. It is your choice to delete your snore data or save it in the report. At the writing of this article, very few users have spotted this function. Wait for the latest Fitbit App update to see it in your paired smartphone.


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