Solve WhatsApp Messenger Problem In Easy Steps

Since last few days many Tizen users are facing WhatsApp Messenger issue on thier phones. When users open WhatsApp app on their phones then they are getting ‘Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again’. It is not new issue to Tizen users, it occurs many times when there is problem from developers side. Today almost all users are complaining in our inbox about WhatsApp Messenger problem that they are having. So instead of wasting to much time I will tell you how to solve this problem. It is the quick solution to your problem so some of you might don’t like it. It is for those users which are continuously works on WhatsApp, like business person or other heavy users.

You just have to follow some steps to solve WhatsApp problem. As the app said you have to change your Date & Time on your smartphone. Later Tizen may come up with latest WhatsApp update but at this time you can follow these steps to get WhatsApp back.

WhatsApp App Issue

1. Go to Settings on your smartphone.

2. Now open Date and Time.

3. In the Date and Time you will see ‘Auto Set’ option. By default it sets turn on.

4. Now turn off Auto Set option.

5. Now phone will allow you to change date & time manually. Here, change the current date or time for any previous date. For example, today’s date is 23/06/2018 & time is IST 8:00 p. m. Now change it to any previous date or time.

6. Now restart your WhatsApp App or restart your phone. The app will work fine now.

I suggest you to change only date on your phone so you don’t have to face any other problem. Like some users see time & date on thier phone so if you only change month date or year date then you can still get correct time. For example if the date is 23/06/2018 then change it to 23/05/2018 or 23/06/2017 so in this case you don’t have to change time on the phone.

This is the quick fix for WhatsApp problem. I will inform you if there is new update from WhatsApp or I will let you know when they reply to this issue. If you face any problems in this post then you can ask any questions in the comments box below.