South Africa News App Briefly Launched In Tizen Store

The new South Africa News app Briefly will provide all breaking news from the country and across the world. In the Tizen Store there are very few apps made for South African users and this new one is surely good for customers. After India & Indonesia, South Africa is the largest country for Tizen platform. In the country Samsung has sold many Tizen smartphones & the new Samsung Z4 is doing good business in the South Africa & its continent. The South Africa News – Briefly will cover all the latest news from different categories. It is the first South African app which is getting good response from customers with the high ratings of 4.5 in the store.

India is the main focus for many developers – the result, Tizen Store has tons of Indian news reading apps. The main leading news providers are NewsHunt, Economic Times of India, Aajtak, NDTV News, Hackers News, Times of India (TOI), Money Control for India etc. These all apps cover news from political to business category. On the other hand South Africa News Briefly will mix up of all these categories. The first your phone will get all the breaking news with a brief description from a trusted sources.

South Africa News Briefly

It will feed you news from all the possible sources like as Politics, well these days everyone takes interest in political news. Apart from that it will cover Technology, Science, Sport, Business, Health, Finance, Movies, Astrology and many more. The deep article to give you extra knowledge will surely helpful. The interface of the app is simple and fonts used into the articles are fine to read from any place. It won’t work offline so you must be on active data network.

The South Africa News App Briefly is available in Tizen Store for South African users. It doesn’t mean users from other countries can’t get it. If you found it helpful then any users can install it from other countries. This is better for those users who are African but lives in other countries. The news app supports on every Tizen smartphones. Use it and tell us your experience with the app so in the future developers could improve it. Share your experience in the comments box below.

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