Spotify Facing Copyright Violations Over Some Music Songs

The music streaming company Spotify is in big trouble over songs violations. Wixen the California based music publisher sues Spotify last week pretended using lot of songs without a license and compensation to the publisher. Wixen has license of fabulous songs such as “(Girl We Got) Good Thing” by Weezer, “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty and singers such as Stevie Nicks, pursuing damages of at least $ 1.6 billion.

Spotify is not have compulsory licensee from Weezer so they can’t distribute or reproduce the songs. Spotify yet to comment on the predicament. Spotify to be listed on stocks this year. A 20% ascend is seen that sums to $19 Billion. A familiar person with this matter said that, The music publisher Spotify confidentially filled some documents for public offering with Securities and Exchange commission.

Spotify Music App

Spotify is popular music streaming service with over 70 million paid users. Once you’ve download Spotify and signed up for an account, you can search lot of songs, you can listen tons of music and you can create your own custom playlist. Spotify can work without internet connection so if you are using Spotify on an additional device like laptop, computer or cellphone, any playlist selected for offline listening can sync to that device too. Spotify free and Spotify paying users both have right to access the same playlist or songs library of more than 40 million songs.

You can use Spotify Premium with paying $9.99 per month but for first user, they can pay only $0.99 per month for first three months. You can download this app from store. Here you get the updated news so you can improve your knowledge about this market. If you have any doubts then you can ask me. Just write a comment what you are saying in comment box given below.