Spotify Kids available in More Countries

Spotify has introduced Spotify Kids, which is a standalone app dedicated to children. It is a unique app that aims to provide kid-friendly content and make it convenient for the children to explore the app, thanks to the colorful and kids-friendly user interface. The main emphasis of the recent updates is to enhance parental control over their children’s access to the content through the app. Starting from the US and Canada, Spotify Kids is now expanding its rollout in other regions like Japan and Germany and introducing several new and innovative features.

Recently the app introduced new features that further enhance parental control. Now the parents not only can access their children listening history but also can block the children’s access to specific content. This feature ensures peace of mind for parents when their child is looking at the content on the app. To enable this feature, the parent has to select the Grown-Ups section in the app and select children’s account history to get access to every track content their child streamed in the app. Moreover, they can also block specific content by tapping the block icon.

Spotify Kids in More Countries

Parents can even unblock the blocked content through stream history or blocked track section by tapping the unblock icon. These new features improve parents’ control and customization over their children’s access to the app. The new features give parents control over what their child has streamed in the app over the past three months. Spotify Kids further specifies that this is the first step towards their planned updates to enhance parental choices.

There is no additional cost to have access to Spotify kids. You just need to be a premium subscriber. Presently, the app contains 8000 kid-friendly songs, stories, and audiobooks curated into more than 125 playlists. Spotify Kids provides an easy interface that includes various avatars, and also they can easily save their favorite track. Now it is convenient for the parents to allow their children to stream the content in the app with improved parental control.