How to Stop Friends from Adding You into WhatsApp Groups

The continuous bombardment of group notifications on WhatsApp is often bothering and irrelevant. We can block messages in personal chats from the unknown persons but this is not possible in group messages. However, the latest update to the WhatsApp introduces the feature that allows you to choose who can add you in a group. Obviously, this privacy feature prevents others to add you in a group without your consent and saves you from the annoying group notifications. This feature is now available globally, for all the WhatsApp users and optimizes the privacy aspect of the app.

Before the introduction of this feature, anyone who has your contact number could easily add you to a particular group without your consent. Just like you can control who can see your Last Seen, Profile Photo, About and Status, now you can also control who can add you in the group.

Group chats is a part and parcel of WhatsApp, but irrelevant group messages are annoying. This latest feature enables you to control your privacy effectively and get rid of those distracting group notifications. Let’s see how to enable this feature on your WhatsApp in a few simple steps.

WhatsApp Groups

Stop People from adding you into WhatsApp Groups:

1. First of all ensure that you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp, if not then update it to the latest version.

2. Now, open WhatsApp on your phone and select (vertical triple dot) icon at the top right corner.

3. From the list tap the Settings option and enter the Account option, after that select the Privacy option.

4. In Privacy section scroll down to the Groups option. Enter the Groups setting and you will notice three options just like that of Status and Profile Photo.

5. Now you can select from the three options Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody who can add you to the group.

6. If you don’t want to be added in irrelevant groups then you can select the Nobody option.

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After you enable the above setting, no one can add you to the group without your permission. However, admins can have the option to invite you privately to be a group participant. This feature enables you to prevent others from adding you to groups and saves you from unwanted messages.

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This is an amazing feature that gives you effective control, as earlier admin could add you in groups even if you left the group. But now it is not the rule, afterwards, you can decide that. If you need any help regarding the above-mentioned feature, then you can contact with us in the comments box below.