Strava Brought Back Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Support

Strava has now re-enabled Bluetooth connectivity for external Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) heart rate devices through their app on iOS or Android smartphones. The company had decided to go against it as this was causing stability issues for some app users causing the app to crash due to this. According to the company, it has been testing its beta version with limited users and has now decided to enable the Bluetooth connectivity option.

The company is yet to comment on the removal of the ANT+ connectivity on their app. Even though a very small percentage of its 70-million-plus users had raised this issue, the company is sticking to only BLE pairing for now. The BLE connectivity has now allowed users to link their Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor with their smartphone through the app. It will let the users track their heart rate in real-time during their workout sessions without any additional device, such as a watch or computer.

Strava Bluetooth HR Support

The user will be able to get accurate results and compare their data post-workout. It will help them in achieving their personal goals. For users who have app subscription, they will be getting a detailed analysis of their workout with heart rate metrics like Fitness and Relative Effort

To pair your device with the phone, you have to first launch the app on the phone and wear your heart rate device and turn the Bluetooth on. After that click the record option on the home screen of the app. Then choose the heart rate option, and it will take you to the connectivity screen where you can pair your device then press start. You can also connect it by the setting button on the left side of the screen.