Super Kids Racing Out Now On Tizen

The new promising game Super Kids Racing is out now on Tizen. The new title is highly targeted for kids but as I have seen in the game content everyone can play it. After the release this game has increased its ranking by many steps. It is now in the most downloaded games list of March 2018 and keeping that trend into the current month. It has got 4 star ratings by majority of customers. The game theme is very cool to see as well as to play. It reminds me famous game Angry Birds Cart. The surroundings & all the nature has familiar theme with Angry Birds Cart. And I forget to tell you, Super Kids Racing has same cart where you can ride in the competition.

Now come to the main point, which is, its gameplay. Well, there is lot more space for competition. The race will be in city, highways, deserts, snow, tunnels, rivers and many more places. All surroundings are perfectly created as per the situations. For example you will see wonderful nature in the highway race and catchy buildings in the city race. The characters design are simple not as attractive as Angry Birds. But we must not forget this game is highly targeted to kids.

Super Kids Racing Tizen

The Super Kids Racing comes with more than 100 cars. Choose your best cars and unlock some from the game settings in the higher levels. Cars are really amazing, I have tested some of them, experience with them are very good, which turned me into the winner. The players who have completed playing Temple Run 2, Hill Driver and Train Simulator has great opportunity to finish this one. The more you go on in the levels, it will test your abilities with hard levels.

The Super Kids Racing is perfect racing game by gameplay, Best quality graphics, good theme and surroundings and background sound. This is the result it is now in popular games category in Tizen Store. The Super Kids Racing supports on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 mobile phones. To download it go to Tizen Store & search for it or get it from Popular Game category. Don’t forget to share your own gaming reviews with us in the comments section below.

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