Survive Into New Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018 Game

The new game targeting zombies or the walking dead has arrived into the Tizen Store. So get ready and shoot those all zombies and survive yourself & your loved ones in this dangerous world. The new game Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018 is launched into the store with the traditional gameplay. The concept might not be new to you. You may have played it in the past on the other devices, but such games are very rare on Tizen, so you might get fun. Choose your weapon, reload it and target all walking dead. The more zombies you kill, the more score you will earn.

The players with perfect aim can earn extra rewards. Don’t get killed yourself in this battle, if you miss the target then zombies will come to you and you know what happens next. Yes man, you are finished! That’s why, don’t leave any dead walkers behind.

Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018

I liked graphics of this game, it is well created according to the concept. You can see every details with some cool effects. There is no lags or hiccups into the gameplay to stop from achieving your goal. The gameplay is, zombies are attacked earth and now they ruining everything. You are the only one who can stop them. Get ready with your weapon and kill them all.

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You can play this game on all devices. It is recommended to try it on newer one. Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018 game is nearly 50MB in size and works on Tizen 2.4 and above versions. To download Zombie Shoot Challenge 2018 game move to Tizen Store and search for it. You should play it for its amazing graphics and addictive gameplay.