Telegram app Removed from Wear OS

In the sudden move, the social media app Telegram has removed its official app from the Play Store for Wear OS. Without giving any notification, the company said goodbye to users. Telegram was one of the popular apps on Wear OS by the Google platform. It was also the earliest member of the platform that supported all the Wear OS versions. With OS 3 version, it was something good going to happen to Wear OS, but suddenly Telegram made its final decision. With the Telegram 8.0 update, the users will no longer be able to download the app on smartwatches.

It was first noticed by 9to5Google that the popular app is missing from the Play Store. When inquired to the official team, they confirmed the discontinuation of the app. Further, The company said the app will pull off from the Wear OS and is no longer available on the platform. However, the users who have previously installed this app on their smartwatches can use it, until the end of support. Apple still has an official Telegram app for the Apple Watch series.

Telegram Killed Wear OS App

It was a standalone app for smartwatches, and let users chat seamlessly with their friends & family in a secure medium. All the features were inside this tiny version and worked perfectly on major Wear OS watches. A few days ago, Strava ends the support for Wear OS 2.X version, though it works with Wear OS 3 supported watches like Galaxy Watch 4. Now, with a Telegram, users have permanently lost another quality app.