These Are 10 Grossing Apps In Tizen Store

ToThe Grossing App section in Tizen Store is always neglected segment compare to Popular Apps & New Apps categories. Very few users navigate it to get fine apps. This category contains all the apps which are trending into the store and now people are noticing them. One game Teen Patti Live is always on the list in this store & Hotel Transylvania 2 is the another one. One is free game and the other one is paid game. Most users prefers free apps on Tizen. It doesn’t mean they are not willing to pay more money on apps but they spend it on some specific apps & games.

Most of the list is filled with free apps, but interesting thing is there are also some paid apps into it. The first paid app into the rank is Tokyo Night Race priced at Rs. 9 and the 4th number app Mobile Navigator is priced at Rs. 69. It is good sign for Tizen developers that more users spending more on apps. Since 2 years most users downloaded paid apps from premium developers like Gameloft & Electronics Art.

Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is on second spot & it is the only app comes into top spot. Magic Carpet Run got last spot in the race. Here is the all 10 grossing apps in the Tizen Store. All apps are worth to download on your device.

  1. Teen Patti Live
  2. Asphalt Nitro
  3. Tokyo Night Race
  4. Mobile Navigator
  5. Free WiFi Info
  6. Hunger Games: Panem Run
  7. S Map
  8. Range Meter
  9. Ambulance Rescue Highway
  10. Magic Carpet Run

These are the best trending apps on Tizen. The gaming apps will take more space on the smartphone due to their large content and rich graphics. You may consider to make free space before downloading gaming apps. Some apps may not work on older Tizen smartphones. You can download these apps from store. Tell us your reviews about these all apps by sending message. These all apps are launched by native developers so no need to worry about ACL for Tizen. Now install these apps and enjoy them on your device.