This Season Apple & Samsung Dominates Smartphone Market

Festive season is best period to grab extra customers & giant tech companies like Apple & Samsung know how to do it. This festive season is not different for both companies. These two big mobile companies are witnessed to sold nearly 70% smartphone sales in the market. According to smartphone analytics company Flurry, Apple & Samsung have activated more than 70% smartphones, almost put other mobile companies far behind the competition. In that Samsung has grabbed 26% customers & Apple has attracted 44% customers. Samsung has saw 5% growth over its last year performance. It was 21% in last year’s festival season.

Flurry took a look at all the gifted smartphones in the weekend of Christmas. It found most customers have gifted Samsung Galaxy phones & Apple iPhones in the holiday season over other brands. The other major player Google is not anywhere in the top 5 list. The Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has made appearance in the list with 2% shares. The another Chinese venture Huawei spotted on third spot with 5% shares although most surprising is Xiaomi, listed on 4th spot, thanks to its new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone’s dominance in market.

Smartphone Sales

Apple has gained number one rank by selling iPhone 7 & iPhone 6 models. They sold more old devices than the newer iPhone X & iPhone 8 duo. In the Samsung, it sold Galaxy S8 & S8+ as well as new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gadgets. In the mid range segment Samsung, Motorola and Oppo have done well job. The other manufacturers LG, Sony, HTC and OnePlus is nowhere in the list. This may be surprising how new smartphone companies are dominating market all over the world.

Compare to smartphone market tablet market saw huge decline into the sales. It is because most customers don’t change their tablets every year like they changes smartphones. This year is very good for Samsung, they have slightly increased its market shares all over the world. You can see more detailed statistics about smartphones by visiting Flurry’s official Tumblr page. Don’t forget to share this article with your other friends.