Tidal App Launched On Samsung Wearables

The official Tidal app is now available on Samsung wearables, including the fitness trackers. The Tidal is the music app and serves thousands of songs from the various categories. The other music streaming app Spotify is already present on the Samsung smartwatches and now Samsung has made it as a default on the all wearables. The Tidal app on the wathes will only provide inspirational audios to its customers. For the new customers on the Samsung smartwatches & other wearables Tidal is giving free 3 months subscription and later users can pay from their various plans.

The Tidal app will support on Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic, Gear Sport, Gear Fit 2 & Gear Fit 2 Pro wearables. The Spotify also supports on Samsung smartwatches and after the launch of new Galaxy Watch, Samsung made it as its by default music app on all its devices. For the first time users, Spotify is providing 6 months of free subscription on the wearables. Compare to Tidal app, Spotify gives huge options to listen all the favorite music songs.

Tidal on Galaxy Watch

Spotify has almost all English songs and the other songs from various languages. Tidal on the other hand is new to the platform and trying to focus on particular area. The main focus is on fitness tracks, as per the company it will only target specific users who want to listen inspirational songs while they perform various workouts. The Tidal’s huge library comes with lots of music tracks that will help to do workout in inspirational way.

The Tidal is available to download in Galaxy Watch store and it is free for new customers. After that you can either pay for their paid subscription or cancel it. The app is now supports on all new Samsung wearables, but only supports in selected countries. To check whether it is available in your country, go to Galaxy Watch or Gear App Store.