Tidal Introduced MQA Streaming Services For iOS Users

The Tidal app recently rolled out update that enables MQA streaming services for the iOS users. This update brings Tidal’s streaming service for the iOS app, allowing users to stream audio in the MQA codec. Earlier this option was available for desktop users and few Android phones. But, in January Tidal introduced the feature for all Android phones and now for iOS devices. As all the music on Tidal is not available in this format but the albums in MQA quality are shown by M Or Master badge. Thanks to the latest update, iOS users can enjoy these specific master quality streaming service on their devices effectively.

Before the update, listening MQA quality audios required a hardware MQA decoder in the device. But now Tidal app has been upgraded to deal with such decoding, hence no longer requiring compatibility of the device. MQA assures the master quality audio which is better than CD quality audio, with laudable streaming quality support.

Tidal on iOS

Though the app handles decoding functions, you can also connect the external DAC to allow the coding. With this app you can listen music in it’s better format and enjoy the better sound quality with high resolution audio support.

Here if you are interested in master quality audio sound streaming service of the Tidal app, you must be the subscriber to its HiFi subscription service. All the tracks available in the format are shown to the subscriber with ‘Master’ logo which is the availability of the steaming that support the format. At present this service is charged at $19.99 per month and available with the version 2.7 of the app for iOS users. Surely this update of the Tidal app is aimed at extending the user base and ensuring the better quality streaming smoothly for the subscribers.

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