TikTok App Optimized for Galaxy Z Fold 2 & Fold 3

TikTok has finally optimized for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 & Fold 3 foldable phones. It is a famous short video-sharing app in many countries. Users watch hours of video content on their smartphones, tablets, or other supported devices. Though it works with all smartphones, it was previously not optimized for foldable phones, resulting in a poor experience. After long waiting, now users can browse TikTok videos for a better viewing experience.

The foldable phones have a different screen aspect ratio than other smartphones. It is the reason, app developers have to build their apps specifically for these devices. Many apps & games in the Play Store have been curated for the Samsung Z series, and now TikTok is one of them.

After the app update, users will notice a changed UI for the foldable screen, perfect aspect ratio, and other information and Settings will be shown on the display. Some users say the app is not well optimized for the devices, and the developers need to work on it.

TikTok for Galaxy Fold 3

As per users, the app doesn’t have a perfect ratio in some videos. The captions and subtitles on some videos are still spilled off the edges of the screen. It is an early stage, so developers might work on it in the upcoming app updates.

The new app version of the TikTok app is available to install in the Play Store for Galaxy Z Fold 2 & Fold 3. The app is not optimized for first-gen Galaxy Fold, Z Flip & Flip 3 smartphones. On these remaining devices, you will experience the regular TikTok app, which is available for other Samsung smartphones and tablets.