Tizen Is Now 4th Largest Smartphone OS In World

There are not long days passed since Samsung introduced their new Tizen operating system in international market and now in the mean time it is started to show its all power. Samsung the largest mobile venture in world was launched their own Tizen OS in last year and now in this short period it gained large bite of share in smartphone market. It is rising as major OS and got new spot in market. The proud results came for Samsung that their new born baby got strong position in OS competition and now it is 4th largest smartphone operating system in world. It already surpassed BlackBerry’s operating system in 3rd quarter of this year and came close to Windows operating system. Tizen is secure and open source operating system like Android and till to date it is only running on Samsung smartphones.

The news is even better for company, that is now Tizen is second largest smartphone operating system in India and in this race it overtakes largest Windows and BlackBerry OS which are too old and more experienced OS in world market. Samsung launched Tizen on their Z series smartphones and their smartwatches lineup. In India it is running on Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z devices, and in the smartwatches it is running on Gear S2 and all these devices are trending in India so results might be even better in coming days. The Samsung Z3 is coming to 11 European countries in coming days so there company can expand their business. The best part of Tizen OS is that it offers 100% app revenue for all app developers and that’s reason many developers are attracting towards them and now Tizen has all important apps and some games in its app store library.


Tizen is open source program so any company can join it, till only Samsung are producing devices and from next year we should see some other players in market and then we can see some serious results from it. The Windows and BlackBerry are more mature than Tizen but due to their lack of apps and games availability they are loosing their market shares and if it happens with Tizen then there will also no value to it. So this is interesting to see where is the future of this new born baby and how far it will run in OS race. Its major challenge will be to grab customers from Android and iOS operating systems, because their customers are die hard fans of both OS and to attract them towards Tizen will real milestone for company. What you think readers, where will be the position of Tizen in coming years?