Tizen Store Services Now Available In 222 Countries

Tizen Store has now expanded their services to 222 countries in the world. Covering almost all important countries into the world. Last year in April Tizen Store was opened in total 182 countries and now another 40 countries added into the list. That means that now the developers from these countries can access Tizen Store to sell their free or paid apps. We all know Tizen is growing much faster all over the world by beating its competitors. Last year it had taken 4th place by surpassing matured operating system Blackberry OS.

The area where Tizen still lacks is in quality apps in the store, which means to be completed in coming years. The first Tizen smartphone Samsung Z1 launched in 2015 with the basic services. It was introduced in India where it got good response from basic users who switched from feature phone to smartphone for the first time.

Later in the end of 2015 Samsung released their second Tizen phone Samsung Z3, but this time with more powerful features and with some quality apps and services. Both devices gave good reputation to Tizen into the Asian countries where demand is high for low end phones.

Tizen Store Services

The third smartphone into the Tizen platform is Samsung Z2, unvieled last year and still it present active into the market. It is the first device which has 4G LTE support and also entered into the African continent. It present in 6 countries in the world and highly trending phone into the Indian and Indonesian market. Samsung Z2 is also the first device which had gotten some unique apps into the store like My Jio apps from Reliance Jio telecom and also other exclusive games comes first on it.

The next Tizen smartphone may be Samsung Z5 but still date is unclear. It also possible that next Tizen smartphone will come with Tizen 3.0 version. There are also news about Tizen 4.0 update version, suppose to be launch in September of this year. What you think all readers, how you see future of our Tizen platform in coming years? Tell us your opinion in comments box below.