Top 15 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Watch

New Samsung Galaxy Watch is now one of the most advanced and powerful wearables in the market. It is the next successor of Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and first device to run on new Tizen 4.0 software version. The Galaxy Watch launched in Samsung event along with Galaxy Note 9 phablet with the advanced features and better specifications, like Tizen 4.0, bigger battery and more sizes to pick. Samsung has announced that more than 60,000 apps will support on Samsung Gear smartwatches, and the good thing is, almost all will work fine on new Galaxy Watch.

The essential Samsung Gear apps will be working fine on new wearable, such as fitness apps S Health, SmartThings, Samsung Flow, Samsung Pay and other Samsung apps. The Gear App Store has some must have apps in the library that you may use daily. Those are fitness apps, music, news reading, watch faces and taxi calling apps. Here is the list of top 15 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch. All the listed apps are available in the Gear Store/Galaxy Watch Store and you can download these from the Galaxy smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch Apps

1. Spotify

It is the must have app for every music lover. The Spotify is popular music streaming service with the huge library of songs. After the tie-up between Samsung & Spotify, it is free for first 6 months on any Samsung Gear wearable, including new Galaxy Watch. After that you have to pay for their premium subscription or you can go with free by viewing ads. It is best to listen popular English & Spanish songs although it has great numbers of other songs.

2. Uber

Galaxy Watch AppsIt is best taxi sharing app and its availability in major countries makes it must use app. The Uber app launched on Gear watches 2 years ago and since then it is helping users to book their taxi. You can book your ride in a minute from any cities and can also track your taxi. Uber X, SUV and Pool services are available to leave you on your destination.

3. Here WeGo

Here WeGo is the only navigation app you need to find way into the new cities. It makes navigation easy to explore unknown cities by giving you exact routes. The easy guidance, perfect GPS and good map are perfect combination to reach on your destination. The Galaxy watch don’t have Google Maps or Apple Map, but why you need them when you can use Here WeGo.

4. Flipboard

The best news reading app, Flipboard is available on Samsung smartwatch. This is best news briefing app in the store and well built for rounded bezels. Read all breaking news or other important news from the trusted websites in the world. You can choose your favorite category to get daily dose. It covers Sport, Movies, Science, Politics, Technology, Space, Social Media, Business and many other important news categories.

5. Twitter Trends

Are you a Twitter user and want to get all the tweets from famous persons? Then Twitter Trend app is best suitable for you. With the app you can get all the tweets from your account on the main screen. You can scroll to read next tweets. On the Twitter Trends you can like, share or reply to the tweets. It has option to delete the tweets which you found awkward. Download this app from the store to stay up-to-date with your Twitter account.

6. Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite

You may find Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite as a perfect fitness app of your daily goals. You can track daily sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. Set a goal to reach point, connect devices to track and share your records and make some healthy habit. You can get personalized insights from famous athletes. Samsung trust Under Armour Connected Fitness Suite app and now it comes on all Gear watches so you must get it.

7. Find My Car

Well, Find My Car may not be for every user, but very helpful for those who have car. This app will help you to track your car, no matter where you leave it. It will work as a protector of the car when you leave your car on the road or in new area. It is very simple and easy app. Just open your account to the Find My Car and give all the information of your car and connect it.

8. Camera Gear

Now you can turn Galaxy watch into the best camera shooter with the Camera One app. The app is built to capture beautiful images and record videos. This is simple app to try and you may familiar with it on Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic watches. The Camera Gear app is free of cost and you can install it on new digital watch.

9. Facer

Galaxy Watch AppsThe Facer app is best to get your own stylish watch faces from its huge library. This app firstly launched on Android Wear watches and later it comes to Tizen powered wearables. It supports on both Tizen 3.0 version and new Tizen 4.0 update. You can download best watch faces for your device at the free of cost or by paying some chunk. It has more than 15,000 watch faces and also you can create your own faces from its creator portal.

10. BMW Connected

BMW Connected app is good to control your car via smartwatch. You can check how much fuel left, unlock/lock doors, find out the route and see where is your car. The BMW Connected app is helpful if you have BMW Car, otherwise, you can use other alternative apps.

11. Map My Run

This is the fitness centric app which coupled with Galaxy Watch let you have access with all fitness related stat on your wrist. It enables you to track your workout activities and running as well as shows the real-time stat on your watch. With this you can set your daily workout goals and see everyday progress directly on the wrist. Map My Run also shows the map and great visualization for better tracking activities. It is of great important in daily uses in order to stay updated about health and fitness. You can also connect your device with smart shoes to check daily progress.

12. Wrist Camera

The Wrist Camera application enables you to operate your phone camera through the watch without much efforts. Provided that it requires bluetooth connection with the smartphone and unable to work on WiFi, just install the companion Android app on your device. It will let you operate camera for multiple functions like to capture photo with timer, zoom in and zoom out, change the flash setting and adjust camera timer. You can also switch to main and selfie camera from your wrist as well as see preview on smartphone. This dedicated app also let you record videos remotely but preview doesn’t work when recording video.

13. Strava

Galaxy Watch Apps

Strava is another fitness oriented application with all inclusive features. It lets you track multiple activities such as walk, run, cycling and all workout sessions. The app contains plenty of content for indoor and outdoor activities that will help you perform without any trainer. Also it shows accurate stat of all the activities and enables you to analyse your daily workout. You can set daily as well as monthly goals and guide properly to achieve these targets. Strava will show you route and maps for outdoor workout activities with the help of inbuilt GPS system. In the monthly challlanges you can compete with your friends and share stats with them.

14. Navigation Pro

This app displays Google Navigation instructions on your Galaxy Watch. Navigation Pro app let you navigate easily through the wrist. It autostart with navigation, support voice output, customizable vibration and 102 languages. You should install this app on your smartwatch from the Galaxy App Store, with the same app on your paured phone allow the app to read notifications. To do that go to the Settings and tap the Security option and select the Notification Access and enable Navigation Pro. Start Google Map Navigation and you will see the instructions on your watch. With this app on your wrist it’s cakewalk to find the help from Google Navigation from your wrist.

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15. Gear Browser

Like the regular browser this browser allows you to surf from smartwatch. Here you can enjoy web browsing, save bookmarks as well as search via Google & search engines. Simple way for browsing something instantly through your wrist so you don’t need your smartphone for some basic net surfing. It is difficult to browse internet from tiny screen though it is great way to stay connected online from the Samsung smartwatch.

These are the top 15 best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch. The all apps are available in Gear App Store or Galaxy Watch Store. To download these apps, you don’t need to connect to smartphone or computer. If you want to suggest other important apps in this list then tell us in the comment box below.


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