Top 10 Best Apps To Download On Samsung Z2

Samsung Z2 is the latest creation from Samsung in their Tizen platform. This year company launched Samsung Z2 to make Tizen even more popular OS in this competitive market. With its better specifications, low price and improved hardware quality make it one strong device in budget segment. Samsung released this device for those customers which are first time going to purchase their first smartphone, no matter which OS platform it has. For those users Samsung Z2 is best smartphone in their budget. This world is going fast towards 4G LTE and every customers want one 4G smartphone to access faster internet speed.

In India competition is too high in low range segment and to provide them one smartphone under Rs. 5000 is very big deal, but Samsung did it by launching Z2 with the affordable price Rs. 4590. Till yet not any other company is offering 4G phone with these so much features. On that Samsung tied up with new telecom operator Reliance Jio to offer free unlimited 4G data and voice calls for 90 days. Users can claim this offer from the activation date, no matter when you buy it. If they are giving so much data for free then now ball is in Tizen’s court to give more joy to Tizeners.

Samsung Z2 Apps

So I came here to give you top list of best apps from Tizen Store which you can use on Samsung Z2. The apps are from top notch developers specially created for Tizen smartphones. In the list I also added some apps which runs through ACL for Tizen but must have on any smartphones. Below are the top 10 best apps to download on Samsung Z2.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

The WhatsApp Messenger is must have apps on any smartphone, may be it is Android or iOS. In the world there are over one billion users using WhatsApp to connect with their friends. It is best social sharing app to share many things with your friends or family. It comes with many features and emojis which gives more fun to chat. You can download WhatsApp Messenger from Tizen Store.

2. Facebook

Yes, Facebook also available in Tizen Store with all original features. In this internet world who don’t know Facebook, once in a life everyone used Facebook to connect with their friends. It is king of social media and you can find every celebrity and other popular personality on Facebook. You must download Facebook on your smartphone for more fun.

3. Uc Browser

The Uc Browser is one of the most used browser app in India. Over 10 millions users in India uses Uc browser to browse the net and download entertainment stuffs. Other browsers doesn’t allow to download anything from their app, but Uc allow users to download all the free services from their browser, and in India many users want to download free stuffs from Internet. If you also one of those users then you can use Uc browser.

4. Instagram

The Instagram is largest photo sharing app on internet and now part of Facebook group. If you are person who want to share images online then it is the best medium for you. Share any type of images with your friends or followers and also follow others to see their images.

5. SHAREit

SHAREit is world’s most used content sharing app, you can share any files from one device to another using it. Share images, music, videos, documents or any other stuffs with other customers, no matter what platform they are using. It can share 1GB of movie whithin just 3 minutes to other device. It is free to download from store and now number two most downloaded apps in Tizen Store.

6. MX Player

With the MX Player user can watch any types of videos on their smartphone. In the default video player there are some limitations to play high quality videos, but using MX player you can run those videos without any compromise. To watch any videos on your smartphone install MX Player on Z2.

7. Facebook Messenger

It is messenger app for Facebook users to chat with Facebook friends. After when Facebook decided to close Messenger from their Facebook app, everybody are using separate Facebook Messenger app. It has every features and also emojis to use in your chats. It is made by Facebook developers that means secure to use.

8. Opera Mini Web Browser

It is another web browser for internet users. Opera Mini Web Browser is the first third party browser on Tizen. This is richful browser to surf net. It is one of the fast and secure browser in world and more than 10 million internet users are browsing through it. Opera Mini Web browser has every standard functions to use when surfing the net.

9. DailyHunt

For the news geeky users DailyHunt is best resource to get latest and breaking news. DailyHunt will provide you latest news from various news sources across the country. It tied up with many national and international newspapers to get useful news for their users. It categorized news in different ways to make it easy to find news which matters most to you.

10. NextGTv

It is the best app to watch live TV on your smartphone. NextGTv provides you different live TV channels from India that you can watch anywhere. It is set of many popular Hindi live TVs and regional live channels from various categories. To watch sports match, News, movies, music and other entertainment package you can use NextGTv app. Many channels are free to access and for some you have to pay few bucks.

Update: The NexGTv app is no more available for Samsung Z2. Instead you can use other similar apps to watch live channels. In the Tizen Store we have Jio TV App, Hotstar TV shows app and other similar apps.

These are our list of top 10 best apps to use on Samsung Z2 smartphone. These apps covers almost all categories in store to complete your general needs on Tizen. If you want to suggest some more apps which are useful for our readers then feel free to tell us in comments box below. If you like this list then don’t forget to share it with your other friends.


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