Top 10 Best Apps To Download On Samsung Z4

Samsung Z4, the latest and powerful smartphone in Tizen lineup has brought many new features with it. Either it is hardware part or the new software features on it are worth to buy it. It is now bigger, better and faster than its last generation phone Samsung Z2. The 4.5-inch screen, 1.5GHz quad-core processor with 64-bit chipset and 1GB RAM makes it faster Tizen smartphone till to date. The other features like Tizen 3.0 version opened new ways to attract new customers. Now Tizen is even better and user friendly to developers to make their best apps for this platform.

Now with some popular apps it is perfect to use this phone in every day use. Many customers want some basic apps on their smartphones to connect with the friends or to do simple stuffs. Like the WhatsApp Messenger and the Facebook app, which is first choice of every users in the world. These are most recommended apps on every platform and it is not a different here. Thankfully, Samsung Z4 comes with all the popular apps in the world. May be you see some missing apps, but almost all are available in Tizen Store. Here is the list of top 10 best apps to download on Samsung Z4.

Best Samsung Z4 Apps

1. WhatsApp Messenger

This is the first choice of every users. WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung Z4 will help you to chat with your best friends and family. It is largest social sharing app and originally launched by developers for Tizen. Chat with friends, send them images, videos or just text messages. Or why don’t you just use images to express your mind in better ways. The app version on Tizen is still in initial stage. You will not get all features like WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Calling, WhatsApp Emojis and services like WhatsApp Business.

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2. Facebook

Facebook on Tizen is released by official developers. In today’s world every one needs Facebook to connect with old and new friends. Share your images, videos and other stories to your friends. This app comes with all the features that has on other devices. You can do everything in this app and also can keep your privacy. Go to Tizen Store to download Facebook app on Samsung Z4. This app also missing Facebook Page, Facebook Group features. The good thing is Facebook on Tizen don’t show any ads in the news feeds.

3. My Jio

The My Jio app launched by Reliance Jio telecom operator for all 4G Phones. It firstly released on Samsung Z2 smartphone and now it supports on this device. This is necessary app to use all Jio apps on the phone. To use this you need to first get free Jio SIM from store and later you can access all the Jio apps.

4. Instagram

New Instagram app is another must have photo sharing app on devices. This is the third app from Facebook developers for Tizen. Take a selfie and share them on Instagram. Tweak them with different editing tools which inbuilt into the app. Follow your favorite celebrity to see their latest images. To download go to store and install it.

5. Hotstar

This is most popular entertainment app in India with a lots of movies and shows. You can watch unlimited movies and favorite shows on this tiny device. For some movies and shows you have to get Premium access but many contents are free to use. Hotstar Premium is not supports on Tizen. You can watch all the free content on Hotstar. The premium service may come in near future.

6. Jio Cinema

This is another popular entertainment app launched by Reliance Jio telecom operator. Watch all movies, music and trailers absolutely free for limited time period. If you are Jio user then you can access all the data free of cost. Watch bollywood, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, English, Bengali movies without paying anything.

7. Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger App is fourth app from Facebook. If you are continuesly using Facebook app then you need this app too. Facebook has separated Messenger service from their original app so to chat with friends you have to use it. This app has all the features and all emojis to make conversations meaningful. It is must app for every Facebook users so download it on your device.

8. Opera Mini Web Browser

The Opera Mini Web Browser is fast and secure browser to access Internet. It will provide you security as well as speed while using websites. It has many features and tools to help you in the browsing session. The mobile friendly web pages looks very clean to make your surfing hassle free. You can also open websites in private mode to make your history private and secure.

9. SHAREit

This is the best content sharing app in Tizen Store. It is not official App and you have to install it with ACL for Tizen app. You can share any files, images, videos and contents to the other smartphone. It doesn’t require any internet connection to share your files. It will send 1GB of file within 3 seconds, that is much faster speed.

Note: SHAREit, no longer available in Tizen Store. Instead of it you can use other companion app Xender to share your files.

10. MX Player

It is video player app in Tizen Store and it also need ACL for Tizen app to install on smartphone. You can play many types of videos in the MX Player. It supports almost any kind of video formats from your device and also supports all audio formats. To play your videos without any concern install it. It also good to play your camera videos which saved into the gallery. To download MX Player go to Tizen Store and install it on new Samsung Z4.

Note: MX Player is no longer supports on Tizen smartphones. To watch videos you can use Samsung’s default video player or use ACL for Tizen player.

These all 10 best apps are top notch in their categories. All the apps are must have apps on Samsung Z4. They supports fine on new Tizen 3.0 version and some are updated for this device. Only last two apps are missing from store. All other apps are available to install on your new smartphone. To download these apps go to Tizen Store on the Samsung Z4 smartphone and get most of from your device. If you have any questions about these apps then comment us in below box.