Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Samsung Galaxy J8 & Galaxy J6

The camera on smartphones is much important nowadays to capture the moments to store your memories and share them with friends and family and on a social media. The focus of various smartphone manufacturing companies obviously shifted to build their smartphones with best quality cameras with latest technology to make their smartphone cameras more compatible. Like the premium quality smartphones Apple iPhones & Galaxy S9 Duo have top notch cameras on both sides. So powerful camera with essential features like lowlight visibility, more reliable photo capturing quality etc decides the base for the customers to buy smartphones.

Despite of various smartphones are built up with powerful and intelligent camera, there are plenty of third party camera apps available which fascinates the users with their added features over the cameras. Samsung Galaxy J8, Galaxy J6 & Galaxy J7 Max, J7 Pro and J7 Prime have 13MP back and selfie cameras. The camera quality of these devices is excellent to capture quality pictures, but the fact is that original camera doesn’t have too many features. That’s why users prefer to third party camera apps to get more of it. Here we are giving you a list of top-10 best camera apps for Samsung Galaxy J8, J7 and J6.

1. DSLR Camera

J8 Camera Apps

DSLR camera is best app for pure and professional photographs and it is best mimicked to the DSLR camera. This app is easy to use and it has various features like light metering, white balance, ISO, live histogram and various others. DSLR camera is also equipped with flash mode, autofocus mode, drive modes and it also has color effects. This app is available in Android Play Store for $2.99.

2. Camera FV-5

This is one of the many camera apps for excellent photoshoots which gives DSLR like results. This app contains various features like exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, autofocus mode, white balance and programme mode. Camera FV-5 has the features like DSLR-like viewfinder display, built-in intervalometer, long exposure support and manual shutter speed and most advanced electronic viewfinder. It is best camera app for Galaxy J8, J7 & J6 smartphones.

3. Camera Zoom FX

J6 Camera Apps

This is the fastest camera app on Android for reliable and quality pictures. The app has manual controls for various features like Iso, long exposure, shutter speed and focus distance along with various others. Camera Zoom FX has best photo mode, timer, stable shot for better pics. HDR mode, 360 horizon level, multiple flash modes, live effects and more other features make this app best for the intelligent photography.

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4. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR is the best tool with various features and updates. This app is now available for 4K video recording also. Its very easy to take picture and record video using various tools. The camera has the excellent features like silent shutter, stable shot, panorama mode, white balance, exposure, flash mode and fast picture mode. It also contains extra setting features like picture and video size, self-timer delay, various effects and audio setting. The HDR feature helps you to take picture in very dark and very light areas.

5. Candy Camera

The Candy camera app provided with various filters is particularly the app for selfies with its beautifying filters and silent mode. Along with filters it has beauty functions for slimming, whitening, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and also contains make-up stickers, these features excite users for selfies. Silent camera helps you to take snapshots or photographs anywhere. The app also has collage mode.

6. Sweet Selfie

The Sweet selfie app is particularly for making the selfies more perfect and realistic. With its features this app is best for the selfie. This app has various filters and special stickers, the newly added stickers like animal stickers and other fashionable stickers. Sweet selfie also consists of stylish collage mode, smart auto beautifying mode and various other features. Makeup functions are also available on this app which are updated weekly.

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7. HD Camera Pro

HD camera pro is the app for perfect quality pictures and it is also the best photo editor. This app supports high resolution HD video, beautiful animation effects and has various other features making the photography excellent. The app best suits for high resolution pictures, professional pictures with 4K quality. The app has selfie smart camera, selfie editor, dual camera and HDR camera. This app also has lots of filters and filter camera. It will not add features of Galaxy Note 9 on your smartphone but sure it will tweak it to make more professional style images.

8. YouCam Perfect

YouCam perfect app is useful for capturing perfect photos with filter effects. With YouCam it’s very easy to edit photos with full editing tools. This tool has real time skin beautifying effects in beauty camera and selfie videos and real time beautifying effects and filters. It is helpful for editing photos with blur effects. Photo collage, grids and frames are also available. The YouCam Perfect is one of the trending apps in the Play Store and it will add extra beauty to your Samsung Galaxy J8 & Galaxy J6 smartphones.

9. PIP Camera

PIP camera is the photo editing app with various photo filters and photo effects. This app is full of effects for making photos attractive to share with friends. PIP camera helps you with some creative photo frames to set your photo in those frames. This app has magical artistic filters and collage effects. This camera app gives best results in every condition and it got good reviews in Play Store.

10. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus app has made it easy for capturing photos and video selfies with natural effects. This is the powerful photo editing tool and has lots of filters to make your photos more realistic. This app has many features like skin editor, perfect eyes, it helps to make perfect smile, live auto retouch, magic brush etc. BeautyPlus is useful for professional photo editing with its filters and effects.

These are the best camera apps available in the Android Play Store but some of these apps are free of cost while the other are available in purchase. For basic services most of the apps will not ask you for any money. Pay only for premium services if you want to unlock more features. All these apps support on Samsung Galaxy J8, Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J6 smartphones.