Top 10 Best Games For Samsung Galaxy Watch

Playing games on smartwatches isn’t the first choice for many gamers. When we talk about the games then we always think about consoles, PCs, tablets & smartphones. But now a days we can see many users play casual games on their wearables. For that Samsung Galaxy watch is best in every department. It launched with some advanced Tizen 4.0 features and the latest hardware to carry heavy apps & games without losing any performance issues. After the launch of Samsung Gear S3 with new Tizen version many developers turned to Samsung smartwatches to develop some quality games.

The Bubble Bash 3, Asphalt 6, Fruit Ninja & Flying Bird are some of those games which launched on Gear S3 way back in 2016. Now the Galaxy App Store has more than thousands of games to choose and play in the free time. Most of these apps have simple gameplay to take advantage of circular display. You might see some poor graphics on few games to avoid slowness so you could play them without any hiccups. In this article I will give names of top 10 best games for Samsung galaxy watch. Here are those best games for your new Samsung smartwatch.

1. Fruit Ninja Plus

Galaxy Watch Games

The Fruit Ninja Plus is our first choice to play on your wearable. It is classic swipe & cut game and it has same gameplay as Fruit Ninja. Don’t be confuse, it is not developed by same developer. Both games are different but with same gameplay. Slice many fruits as you want but be careful with your moves. Avoid bombs & other deadly obstacles otherwise you will lose the points. Earn as much points as you can & make new records. The Fruit Ninja Plus is available for $0.99 in Galaxy App Store.

2. Flying Bird Winter

Did you remember famous Flappy Bird game? Yes, the game which had addicted many gamers for many years. Well the official game is not available on Tizen watch. Instead you can play Flying Bird Winter, which has same content & gameplay with same fun. Your bird is ready to move, help him to fly safely in between the pipes. If your bird hit the pipe then it will dead and you will lose your chance so fly it carefully. Play it as long as you can and make high score.

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3. Space War Galaxy

The Space war Galaxy is space arcade game and one of the best titles to battle in the universe. Such kind of genres are rare to see on tiny screens and Virtual GS has done excellent job to create it. Fly through the space and kill all the aliens and their spaceships. Every kill will give you more points and powerups & you can use those points to upgrade your strengths. Final battle is surprisingly challenging and its graphics & background music is excellent. Use bezel to move spaceship and remember it takes 10 hits before destroyed. Buy it for $0.99 from the store.

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4. Jewel Crush Pro

Match-3 games are highly popular in between all types of gamers. It is most played genre on smartphones and now such games are landing on smartwatches. The new Jewel Crush Pro is Match-3 genre title on Galaxy Watch. The concept is same like Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and the Bubble Bash which has already landed in store. Play it for fun by completing all levels & modes. Step by step all levels will become harder but worth to achieve new scores.

5. Monster Vampire

Galaxy Watch Games

Monster Vampire is biggest hit game on Samsung Gear Sport & Gear S3 watches. Now you can play it on new watch. It is arcade style game. The new planet has discovered but suddenly it has disappeared. Help the little vampires to find new planet by using your skills. You have to hurry before everything goes wrong. Use energy & speed to find new planets. The Monster vampire is free in the store.

6. Super Car

Racing games requires more attention than any other genres, that’s why those are best to play on console devices & smartphones. Still you can try new Super Car on the Galaxy Watch & previous Gear watches. Drive car through highway, earn the circles & avoid squares. Collect points, make high scores and challenge other players in online mode. The graphics of this game is simple but you can enjoy it.

7. Solitaire Classic Pro

The favorite PC card game Solitaire Classic Pro is now on Galaxy Watch. To win the Solitaire Classic Pro you have to get all the cards onto the foundation piles. Place every card in ordered numbers or by their ranks. Turn the bezel right to uncover the next card or turn it left to undo the last step. The Solitaire Classic Pro is free in the store.

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8. 2048 for free

It is another interesting game to play. Mostly known as best casual game on smartphone & third-party developers has launched same theme 2048 game on Samsung smartwatches. The gameplay looks easy but believe me it is not that easy. Best for you if you make high score in 2048 for free. As a title mentioned 2048 is absolutely free to download.

9. Warped Gear

Warped Gear is another racing game is 8bit graphics style. The era is sometime in the future where everything has destroyed. With the limited resources some explorers are trying to find new place to live. You have a map & a car by using you have to start your journey. It is question of humanity so you must find the final destination. Take all the necessary help from inside game-shop. The graphics is not the problem of warped Gear instead it is best adventure or racing game to play in free time on the smartwatch.

10. Bubble Bash 3

Galaxy Watch Games

Gameloft developers has released its best Bubble Bash physics-based game on Samsung wearables. It was firstly released on Gear S2 smartwatch & since then it is best game in Galaxy/Gear store. It is bubble-bursting fun with the more than 120 levels. Enjoy the new physics and crazy challenges in 8 exotic environments in different areas. The more levels will be added into the new updates. The Bubble Bash 3 is priced at $0.99 in store.

The Samsung Gear S2 was best smartwatch to play casual games. Later Gear S3 & Gear Sport has shown improvements over the other Android Wear OS & Apple watches. Now Samsung Galaxy Watch is most advanced smartwatch to play such games. You can download or buy these games from Galaxy App Store. These are the best 10 games for Samsung Galaxy Watch so you must play them in your free time. Share your gameplay experience on Galaxy Watch with us in the comment box below.

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