Top 10 Best Sports App For Your Smartphone

The smartphone in your hands helps you to explore the dynamic and vast world of sport events. There are plenty of sports category available and every fan of sport whether it is football or cricket or other international game is interested in updates about sports. Events related sports are special for the enthusiastic fan for the purpose of entertainment. There are always tournaments and championships of every sports and every fan goes for the updates when he is unable to make way for the live streaming.

Sport news are searched by the users through various websites as plethora of websites are available which provide you information about your favourite team and players. Instead of searching several websites its always convenient to have some apps which provides in-depth news and analysis related to your favourite activity. We are giving you the list of top 10 sport apps for your smartphone which covers every aspect of this diverse sport world and let you stay updated.

Best Sport Apps

1. Cricbuzz

This is the most popular and widely used app by cricket fans for live cricket score and commentary. The app provides you the wide coverage of every cricket match with ball-by-ball commentary and breaking news. You will get live score updates of all the cricket matches and notifications of all the interesting moments. The Cricbuzz app has comprehensive coverage of cricket including the schedule for all the upcoming matches and archives all the matches. You will also know all the ranking and other statistical information related to cricket.


To get real-time score and news about the sports of your choice and stay updated with the latest moments this app will be the perfect one. You have access to several sports like football, tennis and more to get stories and news of. The ESPN will help you stay connected with the sport world with its features like real-time notifications and up-to the minute score along with latest news. This is the app which covers multiple aspects of the sport world and brings it to you wherever and whenever you are.

3. Live Score

When you miss the live streaming of your favourite sport match the Live Score app is the best option to get all the updates and related news. The app has in-depth coverage of several sports ranging from hockey, basketball to football. Get all the notifications, score, commentary and statistics of all the live matches of your choice. Follow any team and any sport you want and stay informed and alert about all the newsfeeds of that game.

4. NFL

This app is specially dedicated to football and is the best app for football fans due to its comprehensive and vast coverage. To get all the breaking news, primetime games and highlights from this app the subscription is necessary. Its easy to get all the videos and replays of the matches with the NFL game pass. Stay alert about breaking news, stats and more.

5. NBA

For the enthusiastic fans of basketball this app provides a single best platform with its vast coverage. This app is the best way to stay tuned with all the newsfeed related to basketball like the live score, commentary, highlights and other stats. You can track your favourite team and get their videos and team players. Here you have the option of multiple packages and also the option for download offline to view videos later.

6. All Football Go

All football Go is the app that will provide you with all the latest football related news from across the world. You will get the detail and in-depth coverage of all the live matches of football. The app also let you stay informed about the live match score, provide commentary and detailed match analysis with the high accuracy. Here you will get all the stats related to players profile, teams and results as the app provide you all the professional stat for that purpose.

7. ESPNCricinfo

This app is the one which let you get all the cricket related news on the personalized basis. You can prioritise your team and get access to the live updates and alerts about it. The app is particularly popular due to its global coverage as the app covers all types of matches whether it may international, league matches and all other types and formats. Here you will get the personalized experience of every match and wide coverage with ball-by-ball analysis.

8. BBC Sports

The app provides a best platform to get the news of several sports and their latest updates. This is the best app to know the highlights, scores and live actions of the dozens of games. The app brings you the access to the world of sports with its notifications and analysis. Get all the information about the upcoming sport events and get notifications for that events. The BBC Sport app will help you set personalized notifications of your favourite sports events.

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9. Pro Kabaddi

The official Kabaddi app help you get all the latest information about this adventurous sport. Every fan of kabaddi is always interested to know about the raid and tackle and every interesting twist in the game, the app provides the real-time news for that purpose. You will get the live score of every match and get all the notifications related to the match easily. The pro kabaddi is India’s famous sport event due to its adventurous and bold nature.

10. UEFA Champions League

Football fans are always eager and enthused for the prestigious European league matches and this is the official app which provide in-depth analysis and the comprehensive coverage of the matches. The app let you have access to the personalized notifications of your favourite team in your newsfeed. This app will give you access to the live score, audio commentary and all other statistics of the match and help you stay tuned with the notifications. You will get access to the league matches with all the exciting moments and wide coverage.

This is the list of top 10 best sport apps which are committed to provide you all the real-time and trilling moments of the sports world. These all apps are highly rated and are the best platforms to stay updated with the sport of your choices, as these apps provide the meticulous statistics and important notifications for you.