Top 10 Business Apps For iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max

Smartphone in our hands play a crucial role in making our life a better simple and much easier than ever. We use our smartphones productively for various routine activities ranging from time management to daily schedule planning. With the ready availability of some apps which are useful for the purpose of business, now its interesting for the users to get the apps and reap its benefits in the business. Mobile apps let you plan the business schedule, manage the time and improve productivity of business with accurate help that you must need to organize your business. The iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max are both such devices that are useful for productivity & businesses.

The entrepreneur who thinks to manage his business properly and effectively should always be technology oriented. The business apps on your device is the new way of entrepreneurship and it will allow you to operate for 24/7. There is the availability of plethora of business apps available in the iOS App Store and it is the biggest challenge to select the best one which suits your demands. To solve this challenge of selection of apps, here we are giving you a list of top 10 business apps for your iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max.

1. Google My Business

Google My BusinessManage your business with Google My Business. You can use this app as platform to create your business brand, you will be able verify your business information and manage customer reviews. The app lets you update your business name, address and images and helps you for the management and respond of customer reviews intelligently. You will be getting notifications when customers are talking your business. The app needs your current locations and you can manage multiple locations from single dashboard and invite the others so that they can manage your list.

2. PayPal

This is the fastest, reliable and secure mode of payment. With the PayPal you can shop online easily and you need to link your debit card or credit card with the account for that purpose. Transaction made via this app are always safe due to its secure encryption technology and 24/7 monitoring of the transactions. With the PayPal you can send and receive money securely around the world. The app let you experience the safe and faster online shopping.

3. Skype

For the businessmen its very important to communicate with their colleagues and team and for this purpose Skype video calling app is very useful. This is the app that is especially designed for instant messaging and voice and video calling. With the video call facility of this app you can hold the small meeting of your organization anytime and this will allow you to monitor the business effectively. With you can reach with your business team instantly and will be connected with them properly. Skype is the free app and it has the potential to play an important role in increasing productivity of the organisation with the communication platform it provided. Download Skype app from Apple App Store.

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4. Evernote

management of ideas and thoughts is the most productive thing in order to prosper your business. Evernote is the best platform where you can organize your plans, add the list of to do’s, images and web pages and you will have access to this information whenever you need it. Use this app to raise the productivity of your business through proper management of notes, memos and checklist. You can sync the app with all other devices and get easy access with what matters you most. This app can be most effectively used for creating business agenda, craft presentations and schedule business meetings.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox on iPhone XSThe Dropbox app is specially built for providing the creative collaboration space that is meant for reducing the busywork. It let you bring all your files at a single platform and enables to sync them across all the devices for the easy access of the files. The app enables you work on files with others and comment on them to share the feedback. It is available Dropbox Plus and Dropbox professional, the main difference is the customers of the previous have 1TB of storage space while that of the latter have 2TB.

6. Square Point of Sale-POS

Square is the app that is needed for acceptance of payments and run the business. It accepts all the major debit and credit cards with its square chip card reader. The app provides the alternate platform to run your business in tune with the cashless transactions. It will records cash, gift cards and customize the products with photos and prices. The app is designed to access the real time sales data and complete sales history. Squared dashboard and Square invoices functionality are available for the users.

7. Mailchimp

Communication through various means is necessary to keep the any business or its activities updated. The Mailchimp works as platform that helps to manage contacts and create and send emails and act as think tank of the business. Its very easy to organize contacts and filter them with custom tags. This is the marketing platform that allow you to track e-commerce activity with detailed reports.

8. OfficeSuite

Free & paid OfficeSuite is the app which helps you for the purpose of advanced PDF operations. The app has various advanced features that makes it the most advanced app for mobile office solution, that features include integrated file manager and chat client which is capable of document exchanging etc. This app supports PDF file of wide-ranging including camera scanning, export to pdf and fillable formats.

The app has the full compatibility with the multiple formats of files. It provides integrated spell checker which is available in more than 40 languages. It is available for free in iOS App Store and to unlock premium features you can its paid version.

9. Google Primer

For every business to thrive it is necessary to update with the time and bring some new skills and innovation in the business activity. Google Primer is the free platform for the purpose of learning new business and digital marketing skills to make your business innovative and productive. Result oriented and productiveness are the main focus of any business and for that this app will give you lessons of planning, management, digital advertising, branding and social media along with other important things. So, ensure progress with the business and marketing knowledge provided by this app.

10. Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by FacebookThis is the platform made available by the Facebook which is meant to connect with the coworkers and enable to bring the ideas into reality. Workplace by Facebook intended to benefit the users by providing group discussion, voice and video calling and the place to work together.

If you have this app you will experience the seamless flexibility that will allow you connect from computer to smartphone and tablets. Here you can collaborate with confidence as this is the safe and secure platform.

This is the list of top 10 business apps which are highly rated and selected meticulously to match the demands of the users. Both iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max are best devices to run all these business apps. These all apps will surely help you to do a business with productivity. The list contains the apps which have advanced features that are necessary for the business activity in this digital world. If you are interested in entrepreneur you must refer this list to add advantage to your business with the help of these apps.

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