Top 10 Education Apps In Tizen Store

In the era of internet & smartphone you can get everything from online with the help of apps or websites. This trend now come to online learning, where almost all the students searching for best education material. It is kind of helpful for every students to get another source to teach themselves when nobody is there. Like an educational apps which can teach many subjects in easy language. Tizen Store have some best Education apps for kids, the apps for small kids to 10th grade students. The Byju’s – The Learning App, Udemy, Unacademy, ExtraMarks or Khan Academy apps are only limited to Android & Apple devices. We might have to wait for such educational apps on Tizen. Since then you can use other apps which are highly recommended in store.

The first app we are going to recommend is Learning ABC, the perfect app to teach basic ABCD to your toddler. Animal Sounds is the best way to learn Animal voices. This way small kids will learn more about animals. The Math Madness is the perfect in the all apps. It gives simple ways to solve math problems & also gives you chance to solve them. Math subject is boring & very difficult to understand, but if there is best mentor available to teach it then it becomes easier to learn math.

Education Apps Tizen

In the list there is one app comes with heavy price tag. The Coloring Book for Tizen comes with heavy price tag. It is available for Rs. 568 in the Tizen Store or for approximately $8.99. The Coloring Book for Tizen is worth to this price so if you are thinking to buy it then you can download it from store. The list of all Educational apps are given below. There are total 10 best Education Apps in the store. Only 2 apps are in paid category & the all the other apps comes free of cost.

  • Learning ABC
  • Yoga Cure
  • Animal Sounds
  • Math Madness
  • Star Map
  • Benolity (Rs. 60)
  • Coloring Book for Tizen (Rs 568)
  • Pick & Learn
  • Calculator: Best Calculator
  • Speak English Alphabet

These are all the education apps you can get from store. The list is covered with all possible apps, you can see Learning basic English, Math teaching, learn about animals, coloring books, find more about stars & Calculator apps are there. The apps are available on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & older Samsung Z1 smartphones. You can download these apps from Tizen Store. If you like these Educational apps then share it with other friends.