Top 10 Most Famous Social Media Apps

Social media provided the biggest platform ever to the public to share their ideas, information and express their views via virtual communication network. Nowadays Social media is playing the crucial role than any other medium in educating public opinion on various issues. It is the easy and cheapest means for everyone to interact with each other and to put their opinion on any important issue. It facilitated the creation of virtual social network worldwide widening the connectivity transcending the borders. On our smartphones we uses almost 3 to 4 social media apps to stay connected with our beloved ones.

The premium smartphones like iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Google Pixel XL, iPhone 8 and many other are now coming with pre-installed social media apps. On Android you will see Google+, on Samsung devices you will see Flipboard and on Apple Twitter comes pre-installed. There are plenty of social media apps available, here we are giving you the list of top 10 best social media apps globally, which facilitates your access to these apps easily to remain in touch with the world.

1. Facebook

Facebook on Android

Facebook the biggest social media app in the world, which made easy to remain connected with friends, family and community. On Facebook you can share your photos, videos, status and live updates to your friends with your feelings. You can meet with new people on this social media site also you can find the local social events nearby you to join.

Facebook is easy to find the pages of famous personalities and other things to get latest updates. Recently Facebook introduced a new feature Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell products & services locally. This app helps you to do more than stay connected with your friends.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

This is the free messaging app using internet connection to quickly connect with your contacts. This app is available on Android, Apple, Tizen and other smartphones. On WhatsApp you can send or receive photos, videos, messages, documents and voice messages free of cost. You can do free voice calls and video calls on WhatsApp using internet.

Group chat facility is available on it, recently WhatsApp introduced the facility of group calling up to four persons. You can also share your live location via WhatsApp. All the messages sent via this app are encrypted end to end. This is the simple and secure messaging app.

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3. Twitter

Twitter is the most preferential app to know what is happening around the world and to know the public opinion about any issue. All the news related to the events like Sports, Politics and all other breaking news makes their first appearances on Twitter. You can join the conversation on the Twitter and watch live streaming of the events online.

On Twitter you can follow your famous Politician, Sportsperson, Actor and other influential people to know what they are thinking about the current issues happening. You may Tweet, share photos, videos, GIF’s on this app while you can also share, like, retweet or reply to Tweets in your timeline.

4. Instagram

Instagram is another popular social networking site to simply share your moments with your friends and followers. On Instagram you can post photos and videos with your friends, and also you can watch the photos and videos from friend’s accounts all over the world.

You can interact with the accounts you follow with likes and comments. You can go live on Instagram to connect with your friends on the moment. Private chat facility with friends is also available.

5. Google+

On Google+ you can find your favourite topics and new things which you are interested in. Here you can also connect with the community of people who share your ideas and interests. You can build a home stream with unique, inspiring and thoughtful content. Sadly, Google has decided to close its most popular social media platform after Orkut. Till then you can use it on your Android smartphones.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is the app where you can share your tips on topics like art, travel, home décor, recipes and various other ideas. This app with creative ideas and trending themes made it easy for you to take decision about your plans. Here you can explore ideas and find new things to do with quotes and articles. This app is helpful in various ways. The best categories on Pinterest are Cooking, Adventure, Infographics, Flowers and various Quotes.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the app that makes it easier for you to find a job and to connect with professionals. Here you can build a relationship with people that matters, you will get updates on topics and companies. LinkedIn can be used to connect with people in your network and fellow employees at your company. Along with job searching and applying for job it can be used for various purpose.

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8. Telegram

Telegram is another famous and widely used messaging app. Telegram is used for simple and secure messaging & it is one of the fastest messaging app. On Telegram you can share media files and videos without any limit on their size, which provides a best platform to share movies and other important videos without reducing their size.

Unlike WhatsApp, here you can create groups and channels without any limit on membership quantity. Telegram is the most reliable messaging system & messaging on telegram is free of cost.

9. YouTube

YouTube is the most famous video app used worldwide to browse videos you love to watch, like music, movies, sports, funny, entertainment and various others. Here you can subscribe to any channel you like and you will get notifications about any new addition by that channel. Here you may also create a playlist of your favourite videos and can express yourself in comment box.

You may also edit, upload and share videos and these can be shared on other social medias like Facebook, WhatsApp and many other. This app is helpful for various purpose like for entertainment, education or science to express their minds. In a day users consume more than billion hours of views on YouTube.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat on iPhone X

Snapchat is another famous social media app used globally for multimedia messaging. Snapchat is used for photo sharing, instant messaging, video chat and for multimedia file sharing. Here you can chat with the help of emoji, stickers, bitmoji and many more.

On Snapchat you can know that what your friends are doing and what is happening nearby you. Snapchat is available to download in Android Play Store & iOS App Store. It supports on all Android & Apple smartphones, but sadly not present on Windows phones.

This is the list of top ten social media apps which are popular globally and used by millions of people for connecting with the world. If you are not on these popular social media networks then you may open your accounts on them. Apps for these social media networks are available in Android Play Store and Apple Play Store free of cost. Tell us which is your favorite social media app and why is that your favorite? You can share it in the comments section below.