Top 10 Must Have Apps On iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max

Apple unveiled its new iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max and now they are available in all major markets. Both smartphones will now compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 & Galaxy S10 smartphones as well as Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro smartphone. These both devices are in built with the Apple’s updated software version iOS 12, for the optimized apps & games. The iOS 12 is intended to bring many promising changes in the devices such as better performance and improvements in many other features. According to the recent reports iPhone XS Max has captured the more customer than the XS. Both the iPhones have various updates over its predecessor models and are equipped with all the latest and advanced technologies.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are provided with enough display that is protected with the scratch resistant glass. These devices run on the Apple’s latest version of software, iOS 12 and have hexa-core processor with improved version of GPU, they are supported with A12 Bionic chip. The internal storage variants of these models are available in 64GB/256GB/512GB with the 4GB RAM option.

All the other features like improved battery and camera performance and the overhauled Siri which is now capable to perform more functions make it the better option for the customers. Now to enjoy all the features of new iPhones you need best apps and high graphics games. The iOS App Store filled with millions of quality apps and it is very hard to choose best for us. In last article we have cover top 10 best games for these devices so now we are covering best apps. Here is the list of 10 best and highly recommended apps which you must have installed in your new iPhones.

1. Netflix

Netflix on iPhone

To watch your favourite movies and TV episodes on your device this is the best option available. Netflix is the subscription-based service and it is the leading service across the world for its content and its service. For this purpose, you have to download this free app and sign up to become its member and watch your favourite programmes. Why don’t you watch Bird Box or FRIENDS series or any other highly trending movies & TV shows on the Netflix?

Once you become the member of Netflix by paying monthly amount you will get access to the thousands of TV shows and movies anytime anywhere. Netflix on iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max will support 4K content so you can enjoy movies & TV series in full HD quality. You can browse your favourite episode and new episode added with titles. Download Netflix app from iOS App Store.

2. Uber

With the Uber it become very easy and quick to find a share ride without any worry of parking or waiting for the bus. This is the fast, reliable and secure taxi sharing service. For your any trip whether you are going to office or somewhere else you can fetch the uber by just selecting the ride. The service provided by Uber is available in selected cities. Just download the app and register for your next ride and get easy access to the Uber cab.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest on iPhoneThe Pinterest is the app which helps you to plan your lifestyle. The app is meant to guide you in the home décor, travel, quotes and fashion tips to manage your daily routine with the creativeness. It will help you with the creative ideas and trending themes to decide the compatible fashion for your look. The range of topic for which you can have new ideas here is lifestyle, workout, beauty, fashion and food along with many others. Get social media app, Pinterest from iOS App Store for free.

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4. Evernote

In everyday routine we always come across with random thoughts and ideas which often miss our focus. For the purpose of staying focussed on the important matters and organizing our thoughts Evernote will be the best option. Here you can add your to do list with handwritten notes or can add images, notes and audios. You can sync the Evernote with all the devices. With the help of this you can share your productive ideas with others. It can be used effectively in your everyday life for the planning of sort of activities.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox on iPhone

To reduce the load of burden of all separate files and bring them together Dropbox app provides a reliable platform. Here you can bring your all files together to get easy access with them and sync the files with the all other devices easily. With Dropbox it is easy to share large files with the people. You can sync your files share and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files via Dropbox. It is available in two versions for the users with 1TB and 2TB options with the certain amount to be paid through your login account. For the new customers Dropbox will provide 2GB free cloud space to store all their data for unlimited of time.

6. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media apps which is mainly useful for sharing photos and short videos with your friends. The app provides a big platform for the users to capture and share their moments with the community. Here you have to follow your friends, family, actors and other celebrities to know about what they are doing and sharing. You can upload the photos and videos you want to keep on your profile. Share single or multiple images or videos to your story that will disappear after 24 hours.

7. Flipboard

For the update and news of variety of topics and for popular stories and conversation this is the perfect place as it brings together all these things. Flipboard creates a magazine on the topic of your interest and also enables you to create your own customized magazine through stories and images you like. Flipboard is useful for various activities for read, like and share your interested topics to be engaged with the community. This is most recommended & must have app for Apple iPhone & iPad devices.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express is the best and most trusted app by millions of users for photo editing and collage making. Photo editor enables you to adjust your photos the way you wanted such as crop it, straighten and rotate. The app provides you with several filters, photo frames and many other features for editing your photo perfectly. Collage maker let you create the photo collage with variety of grid layouts.

9. Spotify

Spotify on iPhone

If you are a music lover then Spotify is the best music streaming app which give you easy access to millions of old and new songs at the single place. It is the most used music streaming app and you will find it better to use on your iPhone. The advantage of the app is that here you can download the music and have access to it even when you have no internet connection. Spotify provides incredible sound quality for the songs. Spotify app now available for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 3 watches in 13 new countries so you can sync all your music in the cross platforms.

10. Kindle

Kindle is a book reader app that enable you to have access to the millions of books at your fingertip without much efforts. Kindle gives you access to the sort of material to read like books, magazines newspaper and you have to prefer what to read. Use it to read and shop books from millions of e-books available of various renowned writers.

The inbuilt dictionary of the app helps you to find the meaning of any difficult word while reading. The app lets you to sync your e-book with the other devices so that you can read it easily on other devices also. The most interesting feature is that you can preview the book as a sample reading before buying it. As a new user Kindle will give you first month free if you subscribe to its Kindle Unlimited service.

This is the list of the most popular and highly rated must have apps which you should have in your iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. All the apps listed above are available in the iOS App Store and you can download the apps from there. Some of the apps above listed are subscription based while the others are available for the free of cost.