Top 10 Paid Tizen Apps For Your Tizen Smartphone

The paid apps in Tizen Store are always neglected area by customers. It is because most Tizen users only focus on free apps, and looks like they are satisfied. The other main reason is most users don’t have any medium to pay for those services. Most of the customers even don’t know how to attach debit card or credit card to thru Samsung account. To download apps users either need net banking services, Samsung billing service or they need telecom operator balance. Unfortunately, most customers don’t understand all these methods so they stay away from paid category. And the remaining ones don’t believe paid apps are worth to buy.

For example last year we had Hill Climb Racing official game but due to the low response developers removed it from Tizen Store. Same happened with many more apps, either they disappeared from store or went on free sale. Still there are many users willing to pay for paid services. Because of these users some paid apps are trending in Tizen Store. Now here I am going to list some worthy top 10 paid Tizen apps in Tizen Store.

Paid Tizen Apps

All these apps are value to money & will provide you best services. Now download these paid apps on your Tizen smartphones.

  1. Mobile Navigator (Rs. 69)
  2. Tokyo Night Race (Rs. 9)
  3. Hunger Games: Panem Run (Rs. 50)
  4. S Map (Rs. 32)
  5. Range Meter (Rs. 60)
  6. Magic Carpet Run (Rs. 9)
  7. 3D Sniper Strike (Rs. 50)
  8. Ultimate Robot Fighting (Rs. 50)
  9. Moto GP (Rs. 65)
  10. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Rs. 50)

You can download these paid apps from Tizen Store on your all Tizen smartphones. The prices mentioned here are from Indian stores. Prices may vary from country to country. You can check latest prices from your country’s Tizen Store app. If you have any questions about these apps then ask me and I will try to help you. Make sure to get these apps you need to attach your working debit card or other online paying cards to your Samsung account.