Top 12 Must Have Finance Apps For Tizen Phones

Tizen Store has some financial apps that will help you in your everyday finance use. In daily life we use many kinds of finance apps to solve some tricky math or to make proper budget for better future. For some people only calculator is enough to track on their earnings and expenses. If amount is bigger and your expenses are to much higher then simple calculations are not going to help you. For that you need more advanced calculator like scientific calculators. Business people needs such advanced computing apps in their companies. Thanks to many developers we have plenty of financial apps in Tizen Store to solve many problems.

You will get financial apps from every categories. Need one simple calculator then yes, it has a good calculator or you an choose between financial calculators as well as EMI calculator to pay your EMI bills on time to time. The Economic Times and Business Today app are here to provide you latest information from business world. Get all the news from stock market, economy, business relations and other money management tips. The two leading banks ICICI & HDFC have ICICI Mobile Banking and HDFC Bankapps in store respectively.

Financial Apps
Financial Apps

Below are top financial apps from Tizen Store and you can use these on all Tizen smartphones. All apps are free and never ask you to spend any money on In App Purchases.

1. ICICI Mobile Banking

2. ATMs and Banks

3. Work from Home: Earn Money Easily

4. Debt Free – Payoff your debt

5. Money Watcher

6. Math Calculator

7. Easy Ways to Make Money

8. Financial Calculator

9. EMI Calculator

10. Money Book

11. The Economic Times

12. Business Today

In the list two apps Work from Home & Easy Ways to Make Money are about earning money. Both will provide how to earn money from home. I think this is not the field of every people. You can use them on your own as a try. All other apps are working fine on all phones. Sadly, Indian Bank app of HDFC is no more available in Tizen Store. Due to some reason it is removed from store. We will inform you when it come back in store. If you find any bugs or issues with above listed apps then ask me in the comments box below or send me email on our official email address.