Top 20 Tizen Apps for September 2018

According to the list of monthly most downloaded Tizen apps for the month of September WhatsApp is still dominating and leading the list. As usual it is the still most preferred app on this platform and retained its top rank since several months. Next in the list comes the Facebook and Facebook Messenger that are the other two apps which are also most downloaded apps by the users on this platform. These facts make it clear that though the month changes but theses three apps remain as top and secured their position from last some months.

There are some changes in the list as compared to previous month as some new app secured rank in the list while some lost their place from the list. The new apps which managed to enter the list are FFX Jumper which is ranked 4th in the list, Hancom Office Viewer ranked 6th, Wheels on Farm, Brawlme and Ludo King 3D are the new entrant in the list. Most of the apps are in the list due to their downloads in the last months. But there are some apps which are constantly mentioned their ranking in this top 20 list.

Best Tizen Apps

Car Parking Valet which was ranked 4th in the previous list is thrown out of the list and the position is secured by the FFX Jumper. The other apps which missed the list are Hotstar, Calendar app and HERE Map they failed to maintain their position in the top 20. The apps in the list are rearranged and accordingly some of them see changes In their ranking as compared to the previous list. The apps which seen degaradation in their ranking are Truck Racing 3D, Instagram, WhatsApp Status and Railway Run.

The fact is that most of the apps which are new to the list are among the gaming category including few others app. So now its interesting to see that how many of these new entrants would manage to secure the ranking in the upcoming list.


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