Top 5 Best Action games for Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

The Samsung is always king of smartphone world and their two best creation in last year was Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. Now the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge which is ruling in smartphone lineup and the other one is Galaxy S7 Edge which is great gadget in new creation. Both are best example of Samsung’s engineering team and in the very innovative style they created both gadgets. Both are fabulous and stylish in their body and design and their best hardware and software combination makes them best phones in tech industry. Both devices sold over 50 millions and numbers are still counting in many countries so we can see better score than this.

Samsung always builts their gadgets with latest specs, and on these two they used their own Exynos chipset which is best example of faster and smoother processor in the market. It is great experience to play high graphics games with this chipset which always produces natural colors and never got hang inside the gameplay. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both are high end gadgets and inside them their is 64-bit processor and upon that there are 4GB RAM on both gadgets. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now out of the game, so these two smartphones are now favorable to all customers. In the every way these smartphones are still powerful than any other smartphones and phablets.

So if you also want to play these action games on them then these devices are well match. Here is the top 5 Best high graphics action games for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge list from the Google Play Store. Install these action games on your smartphones and enjoy the gaming.


1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

The Call of Duty is the famous action game on console devices and after its huge success they introduced it on mobile devices. It is well known as AAA title on console devices so you can think how addictive it is. It is best in gameplay as well as graphics side. The graphics is one of the best for your device and you can enjoy it whole day. The story is of the US soldier who fights for their country till the end. It has many missions and levels to complete and there is gameshop to purchase powerful guns and other survival tools. It is available in Play Store for $6.99 and supports on both devices.

Download: Call of Duty

2. Modern Combat series

In the Modern Combat series there are total 5 chapters and all are highly payable. In that Modern Combat 5 is well known for its better gameplay and stunning graphics. The visual effects and storyline is jaw blowing and you will addictive to it when you play it. It is the story of US soldier whose main aim is to finish terrorist and their different places.

It is works only with Internet connection and in offline mode it doesn’t work. In the mobile gaming it is highly recommended game from every gamer and after playing it you could also agree with them. Previous 4 chapters are also best to play on mobile devices so if you want to start from beginning then start with first part. You can download it for $6.99 from Play Store.

Install: Modern Combat 5

3. Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones game made by Telltale developers, which is well known for their classic creation, The Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us series games. Like their all games it is also point and click game where you need to choose and take correct decision. Your decisions will decide your game’s ending so take your decisions quickly and smartly.

It is best series on TV and many people watches it on TV, so it will be great chance to them to live the legendary life with this title. It comes with total 5 chapters, the first one is free in Play Store and for remaining you need to spend $4.99 for each one and you can get them from inside gaming.

Install: Game of Thrones

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4. OddWorld: Strange World

The OddWorld: Strange World is another masterpiece in Play Store. It is FPS plus TPS genre and best to enjoy on your device. It is the story of unknown world where one strange person came in to their place. He is the bounty hunter and perfect in its job. It has many kinds of weapons to survive in the battle and if you think they are not enough then get more from gameshop for reasonable price.

In the graphics side it is well created and visual effects and gameplay is top notch. Surrounding and sound is outstanding for playing it and you will like it. It is awarded as best title to play on mobiles and you will get it for $6.99 from store, good news is that it is now available for 50% discount, so go and get it now from Play Store.

Install: Oddworld

5. Deus Ex: The Fall

The Deus Ex is created by Electronic Arts and it is also best FPS from console devices. The graphics are well built and special effects are jaw blowing. If you like to play FPS title then it is better option to you. Play as super agent and find criminals. Don’t think it is too easy, it is difficult than you think, because like other games it don’t show you path so it is difficult to find all of them. The story line is good to play and sound also worth to hear. It is available for $6.99 in store and for the limited time you can purchase it for $0.99. It is best to play on both Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices so you can download it on your both devices.

Install: Deus Ex

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So these are our top 5 best graphics action games for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. Now go into the Google Play Store and enjoy these action games. If you want to suggest your best titles then please feel free to comment us.