Top 5 Best Graphics Games For Samsung Galaxy J8, J7 & J6

The new Samsung Galaxy J8, Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J6 are the best smartphones and best mid-range devices from Samsung at this moment. Company hadn’t changed much more on these devices compare to 2017’s models but improved overall performances of these all devices. The new and fastest processor, improved camera, Android 7.0 Nougat and better battery life are top features on them so you could enjoy high graphics games. The Exynos processor on the phone is built with 10NM chip which is only one on any cheapest phones.

The processor is much faster than its previous one. It can handle games in better graphics and better color saturation so you feel like you are playing console games on the Samsung Galaxy J7, J7 Pro, J7 Max, J7 Prime, J7 On Max, Galaxy J8 & Galaxy J6. New games Asphalt 9: Legends, Fortnite, PUBG and Pokémon are supported on these all smartphones but we want to sort out some more games to play on these devices.

Now with the new chip, bigger display & better battery life Samsung has opened the new door for game developers to encourage them to create best of their games in Google Play Store. In the future you will see some top class titles in store, the titles which you never experienced on your Samsung Android smartphones. It will need some time for developers to create such games so till here are some top titles which are best for your new Samsung J series smartphones.

1. Infinity OPS: Sci-Fi FPS

If you want to know about best titles for new smartphones then we can’t neglect Infinity OPS: Sci-Fi FPS game. It is the best one which specially takes advantages of new chip and built for mid-range smartphones. It was known for best graphics and it is now one of the best titles in store. Infinity OPS loaded with eye popping visual effects & engaging storyline. It is full in HD look and its graphics and visual effects are worth to play it.

The storyline is like action movie and gameplay is like we are playing role in real world. To kill & destroy enemy use any kind of weapons and if you are first time gamer then there are instructions which will guide you in gameplay. There are full of armors, powers and weapons to fight with enemy and kill every enemy to reach the end. The game is available in Android Play store for free.

2. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Galaxy J7 Games

The Call of Duty title is very famous on consoles and one of the top on Playstation. The Call of Duty: Strike Team is First Person Shooter and full of action and adventure. The first CoD was launched two years before but that wasn’t come in its real graphics, that’s reason that was not popular on mobile phones. But this time developers launched it with its original gameplay and storyline.

The graphics and visual effects are same as its original. Play US army soldier role to save your nation, the battle is in different location of world. Use various types of weapons to destroy enemy lands and to kill them. It has different types of levels and missions and you can use different techniques, weapons and powers to survive in the battle. This is available in Play Store for $6.99.

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3. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the best game we ever played on any mobile devices. It is award winning title, well known for its storyline and gameplay. It was also made for consoles and then Telltale developers launched it on Samsung devices. It is zombie game and obviously you need to kill zombies to save yourself. It is different than any other zombie title because of its strong story and unique gameplay.

There are total five chapters and you need to finish them one by one. Play the character of common man who saves the girl and other peoples from deadly zombies. It starts with full of excitement and thrill and same excitement till the end. To kill dead walkers use available weapons or sometimes you need special techniques and fast decisions. First chapter is free in Store and for other chapters you need to spend $4.99 for each one or get four chapters together at $14.99 and save some money.

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4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is not an action genre but it is the best racing game. It is also made by Gameloft developers. The Asphalt 8: Airborne is the 8th part in its original series and now one of the top racing title in App Store. Play the race in the world’s famous cities including New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Nevada, Tokyo and Iceland etc. In the gameplay you can choose cars from different 47 models like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Honda and much more. The beautiful environment and natural places of cities will make you better to drive your cars.

It includes different levels and challenges to play and also you can play it in multiplayer mode with your friends. The graphics and visual effects are tremendous and cars & locations are made in high qualities. The Asphalt 8 title is now absolutely free in Android Store, but if you need some help then you can use in-app purchases to buy extra stuffs. It has almost everything in free version so I don’t think you will need some extra help for money.

5. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

The Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS is made by Gameloft developers. I chose it over Modern Combat 4 because of its strong storyline and gameplay. It is less in some corner compare to previous chapters but it is still better in some areas. It is latest part from original series and now top action game in store. Play the both hero and villain character in the gameplay.

The all characters and locations are well designed, the gameplay and story is much like other FPS genre but they present it in new manner. They used some new techniques and best visual effects. Graphics is in high quality and looks natural. It is army based game so you can see lots of weapons and armors in it. Rescue the residents of your nation from terrorist to complete your mission.

It is best one on Android devices so we recommend you to play it on your new Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone. The price for game is absolutely free. These all are top and highly recommended games in Android Play Store of Samsung devices. You can get all these games from Samsung Galaxy Store for same price.

Some of these games are become old now but still much recommended in store. These all titles are working fine on all Galaxy J8, J7, J6, J7 Prime, J7 Max, J7 Pro, J7 On Max, so enjoy them. If you found this article helpful then share it with your friends to help them.

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