Top 5 Best Watch Faces For Gear S2

The smartwatch market is growing on its high and now big players are looking it as their next big thing. It is not new market, I think I used most trusted smartwatch 2 years before, but now smartwatches improved 10 times better than their first line up. As per the analysis, smartwatch market would be the next breakthrough for tech companies and we can see it by smartwatch users which are growing rapidly year on year. The big names in smartphone world are all creating their own Smartwatches such as Apple introduced their own Apple Watch, Android launched Android Wear and Lenovo and LG has their own wearables, even Xiaomi, Huawei & Fitbit have their own.

The new company Fitbit is also released their smartwatches and now they have largest shares in this market. Samsung world’s largest smartphone maker has their two smartwatches in the field which runs on Tizen platform. Both have enough customers to make Samsung world’s fifth smartwatch player and also that means more developers in developing apps.

The most creative part on wearable is its watch face which makes it hotter gadget. If you have world class watch faces for your device then everybody will look at it. Samsung’s Gear S2 and S2 Classic also has some beautiful watch faces to use in daily life. If you have bought Gear S2 or Gear S2 Classic wearable then you must use these top 5 best watch faces.


1. Trends for Gear

Isn’t it cool when you get all your Twitter trending news on your watch face? Yes, now you can do this with the new Trends for Gear app which brings all the updates from your account. You don’t have to go in Twitter to check all the trending topics, instead this watch face will show you all those news on home screen. You can follow all your favorite starts or sports person from this app, and it will always alert you when there is new tweet from your famous personalities.

2. Yellow Brown

The Yellow Brown is simple watch face for your wearable, it only show you cute bear image on the front screen. Most people like bear, specially the girls, so that’s why developers created this watch face. The bear looks very cute on the picture and the quality of the image also wonderful. Download Yellow Brown on your smartwatch and select cute bear.

3. Star Trek

The Star Trek face specially made for their fans and don’t think it is created by its another fan. Using facer platform they made this for Gear S2, for the Star Trek series fan it might be their dream face. It don’t do anything on S2 and don’t expect too much from it, it is just face to look better. If you need better than this one then you cab wait for official release.

4. Conny the Bunny

Conny the Bunny face is available in Gear Manager App to give cool identity to your wrist watch. As per its name the cool bunny will take place on Gear S2 which is cool and beautiful. If you like bunny then you can try Conny the Bunny.

5. White Pattern

The White Pattern will show you different characters and objects on the screen. When you select White Pattern face then characters will appear in light colored mode. In the look it is way better and you have to use it for a change. The White Pattern is available in Gear Manager App for free.

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The company itself has launched 3 new watch faces for Samsung Gear S2 – Travel, Sport and Outdoor. These faces are very important for travelers or sport persons that they have very impressive features highly targeted to these customers. This week Samsung has released 4 exclusive Gear Sport watch faces for Gear S2. It means Samsung hasn’t given up on this older generation wearable. After the launch of Samsung Gear Sport, company mostly released new watch faces for it. Now in the previous update Samsung has brought all its watch faces on Samsung Gear S2 wearable.

These are the top 5 best watch faces for Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic smartwatches. There are many new watch faces into the store which are really helpful to users, like new iRadio service and the other some faces are really cool. Many new indie developers created their own faces for their own. If you have another list of smartwatches then feel free to tell us in comments box below. Now download these watch faces and glow the glory of your wearable.