Top 5 Fast & Secure Mobile Browsers In This Year

Nowadays very few people are used to read books and newspaper to get the update with the latest news otherwise almost all are using the internet to get attached with. Everyone needs search engines and browsers to find some information, media news and many things for updating general knowledge and for another purpose also. In the world there are more than 20 different browsers for wide internet customers. The era of computer is almost coming to over when we have to use Internet Explorer on our desktop or laptop computers, which was extremely fast & secure to browse the net. There was the time when in the market Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox were ruling but later Google Chrome & Opera Mini joined hand to hand.

These days browsers comes with extra security for your privacy and data security. One browser always need extra pair of security, fast speed & technology to compressing data. For all of us, there are so many options are available of browsers, here I am giving you top 5 fast and secure to use browsers list. These browsers supports on all smartphones. You can check App Store of your mobile for availability. Let’s start with the world’s fastest & mostly used web browser app.

1. Google Chrome

Best Browser Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser and the main component of Chrome OS developed by Google Inc. which is World famous search engine. The Google Chrome is well known for fast, secure & data saving browser for all mobile phones as well as computers. For Microsoft Windows, it was launched on 2nd September 2008 and later for macOS, iOS and Android. Google Chrome comes in 2 different types that are the web browser and mobile browser. It is a very big platform for running web apps. It is written in Java & C++ language and it is available in 47 languages so anyone can easily access it and the website is

2. Mozilla Firefox

It is developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux Operating Systems. Firefox is that web browser which is smaller, faster and more secure to use. It comes in 3 types and that is web browser, mobile web browser and feed reader. It gives customers a cleaner interface and faster download speed. It was released on 23rd September 2002 and it was written in C++, JavaScript, HTML and C language. Mozilla Firefox is available in 90 different languages. This browser is available on Android, iOS & Windows operating system.

3. UC Browser

The UC Browser is owned by Alibaba Group of China and its developed by Chinese mobile internet company UCWeb. This web browser was launched in April 2004 and it is available for multiple platforms – Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Windows and iOS. It comes in only one type and that is a mobile browser. It is available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bangla, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian and Vietnamese language. This browser has their own slogan – UC Inside, World in Hand.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge was developed by Microsoft and Internet Explorer. The new Microsoft Edge is specially built for mobile devices. It was released last year means it is new and available for Windows, Android & Apple smartphones. It is available in 2 types- Web browser and Feedreader and available in a huge number of languages- 95 languages.

5. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a Mobile web browser which is developed by the Opera Software AS company. It was launched on 10th August 2005 and written in C++, Java and Pike. This browser is available for Android, iOS, Windows 10 mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone 8.1. it is a type of mobile browser which is available in 90 languages.

These are top 5 best and secure browsers which help users to search any kind of information, videos, images, etc. There is another search engine is also available and it is known as Safari (web browser). Safari is that web browser which is developed by Apple and it is based on the WebKit engine. This browser is only for Apple devices. It was launched on 7th January 2003 and written in C++ and Objective-C language. The website is With the help of this best browsers list, you can easily find out your favourite and best browser to use on regular basis. If you have any query or question then feel free to ask me. You can suggest your favorite browser in comments box given below.